Gospel to those who use Line 200 ..! Kocaelikart Device for Istanbul

mujde istanbula kocelikart device for line users
mujde istanbula kocelikart device for line users

Gospel to those who use Line 200 ..! Kocaelikart Device for Istanbul; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the demands of citizens not to remain indifferent to the district of Istanbul Kartal (IETT platform area) Kocaelikart filling device offered to service. Used by citizens who want to travel from Istanbul to Kocaeli Line 200 passengers will provide convenience for the filling device, was welcomed by travelers traveling. With the positive feedback received from the call center, it was ensured that the service was in place.


TransportationPark, which serves under the coordination of the Department of Transportation and Traffic Management, has completed the installation of Kocaelikart device. Kocaelikart filling device; balance inquiry, single boarding card sale, balance loading will provide great convenience in transportation of citizens with features such as. Kartal (İETT platforms) region due to lack of Kocaelikart filling device, the new device was eliminated with the arrival of the device.


Kocaelikart filling machines provide service at 36 point throughout Kocaeli. In line with the needs of the people of Kocaeli, the devices installed at the busiest points enable citizens to load to Kocaelikgeler in a few seconds and enable them to be used in public transportation vehicles throughout the city. The filling machines, which are also located in the tram stations, enable the citizens to load their cards from these points and enable the use of both tram and buses.

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