Buses with Happy Signs in Kocaeli

Mutlu Sehir Kocaeli Signed Buses
Mutlu Sehir Kocaeli Signed Buses

After the Kartepe Summit, which was completed for the third time with the theme of Mutlu Urbanism and Happy City de recently, “Happy City Kocaeli” signs attracted attention in the means of transportation belonging to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens seen in the signs of the buses 'Happy City Kocaeli' is also frequently shared on social media and buses became the center of attention by passengers.


Kartepe summit 'Urbanization and Happy City' with the main theme of the second day of the session held with young people Büyükakın Chairman, listened to the demands of young participants. Mayor Büyükakın listened to them by exchanging ideas; “Happy city is safe city. After 22.00 at night, I give instructions to friends to get off the bus wherever they want. ” Upon this, TransportationPark A.Ş. informed the drivers of the fact that women in their vehicles descended where they wanted after 22.00 and implemented the instructions.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Traffic Management Department Coordinated by the Department of Transportation and Transportation Assoc. Dr. Not only did Tahir Büyükakın warn the drivers in line with his decision. He also created social awareness by writing 'Happy City Kocaeli' on the signs of the buses. Citizens on the signs of buses in the Happy City Kocaeli article is frequently shared on social media and buses became the focus of attention by passengers.

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