D-100 Highway is being cleaned every day in Gebze

gebzede d highway is cleaned every day
gebzede d highway is cleaned every day

The D-100 Highway is cleaned every day in Gebze; Kocaeli, Turkey's location and must be located within one of the busiest routes in which the D-100 cleaning of the road is made by the Metropolitan Municipality. Cleaning of the D-100 highway is of great importance, especially in the Gebze region where industrial enterprises are concentrated. Metropolitan Municipality teams, road broom vehicles with the middle side of the D-100 highway and cleaning the side. With the study, the roads remain clean and citizens are provided to travel in a clean environment.


D-100 highway, side roads and crossroads become more polluted in a shorter time in the Gebze Region due to the intensive industrial facilities. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, taking into account this situation in the Gebze region D-100 highway and side roads are doing daily cleaning. Park Garden and Green Areas Department teams, broom tools and middle side of the highway and the middle is cleaning the median. Road cleaning is carried out at many points throughout the province.


Due to the traffic density on the D-100 highway during the daytime, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality teams clean the remaining parts of the road while working on the left side of the road. As part of the safety precaution in the cleaning works carried out day and night, the vacuum cleaner is accompanied by a security vehicle with warning lights on it. While the roads are kept clean with the cleaning work carried out throughout the year, the satisfaction of the citizens kazanit's warm.

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