Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Subway to be Opened at the End of 2020

gayrettepe istanbul airport metro will be open at the end of the year
gayrettepe istanbul airport metro will be open at the end of the year

Istanbul Airport Subway Gayrettepe Line to be Opened at the End of 2020 Year; Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who also made evaluations regarding Istanbul Airport, said that the third runway construction is in progress and the Gayrettepe line at Istanbul Halkalı line will be activated at the end of 2021 said

Hürriyet for the opening of the third runway Turhan was a guest at the Ankara office, but we are pushing the June, seems to be put into service on October 29, "he said and continued:" Thus, the world will only be achieved in Turkey the ability to landing simultaneously on three tracks of the USA. This will make taxi times shorter. Currently, only one argument remains in the hands of those who criticize the new airport. They say taxi times are too long. I measure every time. It takes up to 27-28 minutes. With the third track, this time will be much shorter. ”

Minister Turhan stated that Gayrettepe line will be put into service at the end of next year in Istanbul Airport subways. Halkalı He stated that his line will come into operation at the end of 2021. we will put it into service. Saying that the capacity of carrying 350 thousand passengers per day will be reached in the direction of the airport, Turhan said, “I can say that our domestic and national electric train works have come to the point of completion. The project continues in our TÜLOMSAŞ factory in Eskişehir. We will make test drives in 2020. We will start mass production in line with the demands that will come after the first prototype. ”

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