New Patriots Start Training at ESTRAM

new patriots started training
new patriots started training

New Patriots Start Training at ESTRAM; With thousands of passengers every day, new patriots started training at ESTRAM, which is an important part of public transport in Eskişehir. In the trainings conducted by İŞKUR and 21 patriot candidate who passed the preliminary interviews, the drivers will first go through an intensive theoretical training.

With more than a thousand flights per year and millions of passengers, ESTRAM is increasing the number of drivers with its expanding lines and increasing number of vehicles. 400 vatman attends the trainings that started in Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Training and Training Center through İŞKUR. Candidates are going through intensive theoretical training, and even after the end of the night flights, they even go out and practice. Candidates who succeed in the exams to be held at the end of the trainings will be on the line as trainee drivers and will start to work at the end of the 21 monthly trial.

ESTRAM officials stated that they are pleased with the interest of the driver candidates for the trainings and that the new patriots will be ready for the task with the completion of the new lines and the commencement of the service.


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