They Brought Fast Train to Eskişehir

Eskisehire had to bring the fast train
Eskisehire had to bring the fast train

They Brought Fast Train to Eskişehir; Eskisehir Democratic Party Provincial Chairman Huseyin Ozcan, the country's economic crisis, said no one said a word about the government, criticized the government with harsh words.

Speaking of promise and said all sides stressed that the Provincial Chairman Huseyin Ozcan, "Turkey 17 years of darkness, ignorance in a cellar, continues to be managed by vizyonsuz hands. What about this 17 year we've been successful at? We have succeeded in paying bridges for which we did not pass by building a bridge? Which auto way could not make the state all the auto roads to individuals, companies have you transferred? Don't ask me money, Deli Dumrul money, you don't even get paid to cross the bridge? Those who boast that we have brought a high speed train to Eskisehir are actually ignoring the fact that the high speed train has come to Eskisehir. It's a good thing, but 21. In the 21st century, using technological means is not fulfilling the requirements of the government but of the era. ”

Noting that natural gas has been burning for a few days, Özcan said, “You will see the cries of pain when the bills start to come a month later. 1 20-30, again in December, when natural gas increases in the arbitrary positions of the inhabitants of Ankara, we will all hear these painful cries much more clearly. N


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