Erzincan Trabzon Railway can be opened to the world by region

erzincan trabzon railroad
erzincan trabzon railroad

Professor Dr. Atakan Aksoy said, “There are some approaches for Erzincan Trabzon railway. There are also approaches to the coastal railway. Sea transport needs strengthening. Two projects in the region should be started simultaneously ”

One of the topics discussed in recent years in the Eastern Black Sea region is the railway. The steps taken on the road the local people longed for were either shelved or left to crawl. One of the most focused on this subject is Professor. Dr. View Atakan's Full Profile Aksoy, who carries out important studies in the field of railroad, is one of the few who can fit ten watermelons in a seat. Opened a separate brackets for different opinions emerging from the region to the eastern Black Sea to Turkey Aksoy rail is not the opinion would be great returns. Aksoy, on the subject of creating polyphony Karadeniz Newspaper Editor in Chief Furkan Yiğit'ın answers to be drawn in six bold points.

We have been curious about your vast thoughts about the Erzincan railway, which has frequently been voiced in Trabzon in recent years and even creates polyphony and opposing views on this issue.


Railway is a world project in terms of the benefits and interactions that our region, our country and railway lines will create worldwide. Of course, Erzincan railway is spoken, Samsun-Sarp railway line is spoken. However, these are separate lines with different starting and ending points. They are the lines that will create different benefit mechanisms. It should be noted immediately that railway projects are hit investments. It should be based on extensive feasibility studies. And it is not just a matter of transportation that can be decided entirely. Be evaluated on the upper level, which can be associated with the security policy, it is beyond the transport sector in the region, which determines the mining industry in all aspects of these issues into a comprehensive transportation study evaluated in the context of Turkey's logistics plans are very complex issues that are based on the plan.


Railway engineering develops over extremely complex parameters. It is also not quite right to compare the two lines here. As a general approach, it is worth mentioning that when we talk about transportation, there are cost functions that come to the fore once. What are the cost functions? You will take a load from one point to another. There are road transport, rail transport, maritime transport. In an environment where there are alternatives to all three modes of transportation, if you think of which you carry this load economically, of course you choose the most economical mode of transportation. The transport distance is an important function here. That is, the distance from point A to point B from which the charge is taken is basically a decisive function.


Research has shown that road transport is generally more efficient in transporting loads up to 400-500 kilometers, rail transport is more economical between 400 km and 1500 km, and maritime transport is a more profitable and profitable solution at distances more than 1500 km. Previously these issues Turkey is preparing logistics master plan, I joined them, I presented the contributions to this approach. Of course, these studies are carried out for Turkey. North-south axes are being strengthened in all provinces in the Eastern Black Sea Region. Especially through long tunnels. By strengthening the north-south axles, I mean reducing slopes, shortening distances, reducing fuel consumption, especially for freight vehicles, and more economic conditions. Therefore, this 400-500 kilometers north of the Black Sea in Turkey should we take this as the base is seen around the Mediterranean in the south of the connecting link of road transport should be used economically.


Of course, when it comes to railways, distances from this distance, such as 1500 km, come to mind, which means that the Erzincan-Trabzon railway will provide a great benefit. Samsun Sarp railway will also create great benefits along the coast. These are complementary elements. However, there are some realities of the project, it is necessary to mention them. Of course, a railway crossing the coast of Trabzon will also contribute to the development of the city center and districts. These two routes are very important for the region and for the country. I would like to emphasize that these railway investments are not only approaches that can be put forward with the logic of transportation scientist and general approaches. This includes strategic planning, and let us not forget that the national security policies and future projections of the country are an important part of this business.


I would like to point out that it is not right to put forward such approaches as the railroad or the railroad. This issue, as I said, is the issue that will be decided by professional management of logistic plans, national decision mechanisms, strategic plans, security approaches and development potentials as a whole. For a moment, Samsun coast, Samsun-Trabzon-Batumi coast road has important advantages in terms of feasibility. In order to be complementary to each other, the initiation of the two projects together may also be justified. These should also be investigated. Since coastal railway will pass through tunnels to a great extent, it will provide great expropriation advantages and it will go through a formation that will produce engineering structures, infrastructure, ballast structure and other elements, and there are reasons for financing itself in terms of engineering materials. As I said, these railway investments are complementary elements.


Turkey is taking more moves to strengthen its economy. Republic of Turkey gives priority to various strategic issues. Why is he doing this? Because various strategic products come to the forefront in order to provide a higher added value potential, increase the level of development, solve problems by turning to production with economic difficulties and strengthen the economy. Of course, transportation is a very important issue. We have to invest more in transportation from developed countries. As I said, the two railways are vital for this region, it will surely provide separate benefits. They complement each other. The comparison of these routes, first of all, should be focused on their benefit mechanisms rather than this. In fact, my approach, the point of the development of marine transport facilities in the region we evaluate all available grounds, north-strengthening south highway axis point and compared with the transport moves made in Turkey, primarily in the area of ​​these two line in self-financing to properties and the initiation together due to the rapid development potentials will be revealed I think it would be a great advantage. These projects have different reasons in itself. Symposiums or conferences can be organized in the region.


Mr. Aksoy, is there any official step in this regard?

Significant studies have been done in the region on highway. But the important issue for Trabzon is the South Ring Road. Just as the railway line has advantages, the road line has advantages. There are some approaches for the Erzincan-Trabzon railway. There are also approaches to the coastal railway. The Ministry of Transport needs to address these issues as a strategic issue. The approach will remain superficial and can be misleading as it should be immediately one or the other. But we need to think of them as a whole. The country needs transport investments. Sea transport needs strengthening. Turkey is already preparing the logistics master plan. Two projects in the region must be started simultaneously.


This is a very important detail. No one's ever said that. So simultaneous launching.

Of course Erzincan is very high. You are entering high codes from low codes. Railway routes are lengthened due to the small slopes of the railways and the large radius of the code. These extended railway routes pass through many terrain structures and of course develop many regions. However, the coastal railway will generally be in the same code, with the art structures, especially tunnels because of the potential of the regions to create material to pass through the tunnels will be natural stone quarries. These materials can be broken and used in concrete production and aggregate production. Therefore, these are projects that can finance itself. Transportation investments are in need of each other. It's like veins in a human body. Roads, railways, maritime, airways… these are structures that create separate benefit mechanisms and support and complement each other. A similar picture has emerged in terms of the prevalence of railway lines in Europe due to economic circulation in the country at the point of development and west. Of course, Turkey will spread east west railway lines. Railway lines are, as I said, complementary and should be initiated together for reasons of economic construction. Self-financing issues.


The railway is actually not an investment that brings a huge cost to the country.

Very true. The railway will not bring a huge burden to the country, but it will provide a great benefit in terms of development. These are the Cankurtaran Tunnel in Artvin, the Ovit Tunnel in Rize, the Zigana Tunnel in Trabzon, the Deregeçidi Tunnel in Giresun, the other tunnels in Ordu, along with the long tunnels, reducing these 400500 kilometers of road transport slopes, reducing distances and reducing road costs. At this point was cared about. Significant investments have been made here. If we draw an arc of approximately 500 kilometers in the region, the road transport network of the region was strengthened as an economic mode. Trabzon-Gümüşhane interaction is very important when they are implemented. Trabzon-Erzurum, Trabzon-Artvin, Trabzon-Samsun interaction is very important.


In a parenthesis we see the Southern Ring Road as essential as the advantages of the railway. However, it is particularly useful in terms of the ability to feed ports up to 1500 kilometers, since it will involve further distance transport by rail. But again, this is a very strategic issue. The potential of these projects, which are complementary to each other with a network logic, especially the self-financing potential of the coastal railway and the growth potential of the other project, are very important in creating a synergistic development move. This issue needs to be approached from a professional perspective. Railway is a separate title among the transportation investments which are complex. It is a subject that needs to be focused more professionally.


People think it's too late for railway investments. When will the strategic plan end?

I will be carried out during the year 5 the coming of this project, should be begun on the construction of Rize and Giresun linked to the highway need rail lines would no longer be discussed more intensively and serious mineral potential especially in the regions with the inclusion in this study I now fast approaching this point in terms of the facts of particular Turkey that I'm thinking. I think that it is a close process for the relevant decision mechanisms to make the right decision.

Can we say that regional mining will also improve with the railway project?

Of course. There is a basalt fact, especially in this region. Basalt has many different uses. For example, it is used as fiber. Again it is an organic fertilizer subject. It has high industrial value. Especially in the automotive industry, the construction industry, highways, ports are very serious uses. And the Black Sea is a region that contains the world's number of reserves in terms of basalt. Turkey is an issue that could also contribute to rapid development.

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