Ekrem İmamoğlu'nu Emotional Minibus!


Minibus that touches Ekrem İmamoğlu !; Zeytinburnu-Bakirkoy minibus line, Mehmet Sirin Cicek, women's murders, child abuse, environmental pollution, animal rights on many different issues prepared by his own hands, bread paste paste. When one of the passengers carried the matter unaware of Çiçek to the European Union, the individual act of the extraordinary driver became mass among his colleagues. In an interview he gave to the press, Çiçek expressed his wish to meet with the President of IMM, Ekrem İmamoğlu.

Minibus driver, who disappeared pain centers in Bezirhane village of about 2 years ago and have been waiting for the whole of Turkey holding his breath; however, she was impressed by the tragic incident that happened to Leyla Aydemir, 4, who had received bad news. Cicek came to the conclusion that something should be done, decided to create awareness in the professional environment. Flower; He printed his slogans and informational articles on child abuse, women's murders, animal rights and environment in the printing press and put them on the 34 M 1143 platter. As the flower, stickers and stickers on the vehicle multiplied, it reached its goal. A passenger of Çiçek, unaware of the unusual driver, brought the subject to the project Düşün Think Civil ”of the European Union (EU) with his photographs.

Convinced his friends

In this way, attracting the attention of the EU Cicek, sought support from the account was not found here. Receiving a request from the EU, mis Would you like to enlarge this project Çiçek, Çiçek accepted this offer without thinking. 25 colleague, who worked with Çiçek on the same line, was impressed by his friends and started to equip his vehicles with social stickers. Cicek did not content with this, in order to supply food to street animals, 1 TL'ye water in his vehicle attempted to sell. In this way, Çiçek started to spend approximately 2000 TL per month for stray dogs and cats. In this way, the media also attracted the interest of flowers, in a recent interview, one of the biggest goals of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu said that the meeting.


Çiçek found İmamoğlu literally in the sky searching for it on the ground. İmamoğlu came to the 1453 Social Facilities belonging to IMM in Zeytinburnu Çırpıcı last evening. İmamoğlu gave the closing speech of the “Workshop on the Strategic Plan Specialization Commissions”. Cicek succeeded in reaching Imamoglu, who left the facility for another event, and introduced himself and invited the IMM President to see his car at the van stop next to the social facilities. Imamoglu Cicek's request does not break, the van was very impressed by the landscape encountered. Emamoglu expressed his feelings with the words, güzel This is something like the beautiful heart of our people ”and said, Çiçek President, I have received support from the EU. Thank you. The EU has given me 30 thousand TL support, so that I can do this to other cars ”. Cicek, Imamoglu, "Do you take an example of the question," the question, "I received support, I started to do other cars now. I'll do all the cars from these 'stickers' if you support them ”.


Imamoğlu said that he was very impressed by what he saw and said: “Mehmet Şirin is a friend of ours, our minibus friend on the Zeytinburnu-Bakırköy line. Fully equipped his entire van with social sensitivity. From children's rights to women's rights, to animal rights… So environmental sensitivity ılığı Everything is here. As well as have communication with charities. Many points have actually been noted down here. I think every citizen who leaves this vehicle leaves with information. He did a tremendous job. All the minibus friends in the European Union has made efforts to contribute by receiving support. I am very impressed. This is a small example that every person can offer a very high level of service when they worry about the city where he lives. In other words, in a small van, it is not only one of the best examples of the effort to inform, but to transport hundreds of people as customers and download them. I am honored that I have such a beautiful fellow countryman. I'm proud. I swear to your heart health. You're a good man, I thank you. In a city where everybody does business with this sensitivity, no matter what job they do, nothing happens except happiness and peace. Everything is so beautiful. I am very pleased with my brother Mehmet Sirin. Love to your family. ”

FLOWER: IZ You did not break me; THANK YOU"

Cicek expressed his satisfaction with Imamoglu's visit and said, im Thank you for coming here until you break me.. Upon this response, Imamoglu told Cicek, “What do you mean? Good thing you pushed us. While doing all these favors, he buys food to dogs by selling water. I'il tell you that. He sells 1 pounds in his car and buys food. It gives this again to the street animals and delivers it to the people in need. I'm glad we have such good citizens. We've collected all over Istanbul of Turkey. We want to have a nice life with conscientious, beautiful people..


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