Age Criterion Has Been Raised on Discounted Student Subscription Card in Ankara

discount student subscriber card in Ankara
discount student subscriber card in Ankara

Age criteria have been lifted on the Discounted Student Subscription Card in Ankara; Continuing to contribute to the budget of the students with the promises of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş's discounted monthly subscription card application implemented for the first time in Ankara attracts great interest.

20 started the application Since October, 46 thousand students benefited from the discount subscription application for the 27 age limit on the demand for lifting the President Yavaş'tan, the students in the formal education system came to a new good news.

The removal of the age criterion was approved by the decision of the EGO Council, and after the UKOME meeting, the 27 age limit will officially disappear at the age of benefiting from the discounted subscription card.


60 TL in exchange for the 200 boarding monthly subscription card application with the opportunity to travel in one ride 30 penny students, both through social media and Blue Table wanted to increase the age limit.

President Yavaş gave instructions to the General Directorate of EGO to benefit more people from the application that provides serious support to the economies of the students and instructed to completely remove the age criterion.

All students in the formal education system (high school, associate, undergraduate, graduate and secondary education) in the capital will be able to benefit from the monthly discounted subscription card on EGO buses, ANKARAY, Metro and Teleferic lines. The age limit of Open Education students will continue as 27 age and under.

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