DHMİ's 32 Airport Drill Truth

dhmin the fact that the drill at the airport did not search
dhmin the fact that the drill at the airport did not search

At our airports, the emergency drills carried out under the coordination of our Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (RFF) units did not match the reality.

During the drills carried out at our 32 airport, the RFF teams that successfully performed rescue, emergency aid and accident-response intervention tasks, attracted attention with their superior performances.


Providing their professional skills with their success in exercises and rescue operations, DHMİ RFF teams develop their practical experience by fully implementing the realistic scenarios in the field.

Yok There is a second chance in an emergency. Therefore, from the first moment, everything must be done correctly and in a planned way.


Our teams are aware of the fact that it is possible to save lives by competing in time in emergency situations with a good planning, knowledge, command, coordination and communication and express their determination to reassure our passengers as follows: “We are strong, brave, ready”


In accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules, it is compulsory to prepare emergency plans of airports. This duty has been given to airport operators with the legislation in force in our country.

In this context, the RFF units undertake the coordination task for the preparation of emergency plans at the airports operated by DHMİ.

Emergency plans; With the assistance of all airport stakeholders and the institutions and organizations with which the protocol is signed, it is essential to carry out the necessary activities to save lives in case of emergencies at the airports and to quickly return to the airport's flight activities.


In accordance with the legislation, all of our airports are completed within the period of two-year exercises with wide participation. Our drills in 2019 are as follows:

Ordu Giresun Airport, Van Ferit Melen Airport, Kastamonu Airport, Erzincan Airport, Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport, Sinop Airport, Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport, Konya Airport, Gaziantep Airport, Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport, Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Antalya Airport, Ankara Esenboga Airport, Elazig Airport, Kayseri Airport, Tekirdag Corlu Ataturk Airport, Usak Airport, Igdir Sehit Bulent Aydin Airport, Trabzon Airport, Kars Harakani Airport, Hatay Airport, Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport, Tokat Airport, Mugla Milas-Bodrum Airport, Hakkari Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport, Adana Airport, Diyarbakir Airport, Amasya Merzifon Airport, Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport, Erzurum Airport, Malatya Airport, Adiyaman Airport.

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