The people of Derbent want the completion of the ropeway project

derbent halki wants the ropeway project to be completed
derbent halki wants the ropeway project to be completed

Derbentliler, economic reasons for the construction of the ropeway project, which is suspended, wants to re-tender. Mukhtar Erdal Baş addressed the authorities for the completion of the project.

Contact ozgur directlyAccording to the report of Cemalettin Öztürk from; “The headman of Kartepe Derbent Neighborhood, Erdal Baş, spoke to our newspaper after the cancellation of the 50-year dream of the townspeople. Baş said, “We want the cable car project, which the contractor did not do with economic reasons and then was canceled. The project would bring great mobility to our neighborhood. We want our city elders to carry out this project. ”


The story of the Ropeway Project between Derbent and Kuzuyayla goes back to 50 years ago. Despite the attempts made in different periods, the project could not be implemented. Hüseyin Üzülmez, who was elected as the Mayor of Kartepe in the local election in 2014, spent a lot of work for the construction of the cable car project. The tender was held in September of 2017. The tender was awarded by Valter Elevators from Ankara. The 50 yearly dream of a ropeway project was laid at a grand ceremony held on 10 December 2018. The company announced that it will complete its ropeway project on February 2020.


The giant project, which would follow the Izmit Bay and Sapanca Lake at the same time to reach the summit of the Samanlı Mountains, was to be built by the build-operate-transfer method and was expected to cost 100 million pounds. 4 thousand 960 meter line between Derbent-Kuzu Yayla promenade area, which is the first stage of the ropeway projected to be constructed in two stages, would be operated for the 29 year. After completing the first stage of the planned two-way ropeway project with 3 rope, the second stage would be held between SEKA Camp and Derbent.


Valter Elevators, who won the tender, also made cable car projects in many famous ski centers in the world. After the foundation of the ropeway project between Derbent and Kartepe Kuzu Yayla, which will be operated by 29 for years, the company did not start any work. Kartepe Municipality has recently canceled its contract with a firm that did not nail a single nail for economic reasons.


Speaking to our newspaper after the cancellation of the ropeway project, the headman of the Derbent Neighborhood Erdal Baş said that the project was annoyed. Speaking to our newspaper Baş, “After many years of work has been brought to the stage of the cable car project. The foundation was laid. Even this was a very big and meaningful effort. We were very happy as the people of the neighborhood. Because the beginning of the cable car line was in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood would develop, our trades would win. We were very sad that the project was canceled. We wish the tender of the city elders again and the completion of the project ”.

RE-TENDER- Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman, the company is unable to carry out the business, but they regret the project promised to tender again.

FOUNDED IN 2018 - 50 is the annual dream of Kartepe's 10 cable car project 2018 December XNUMX Mayor of the period Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Metropolitan Mayor candidate Tahir Büyükakın, AK Party Provincial Chairman Abdullah Eryarsoy and Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez opened.



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