Bungalow Construction Started at Çambaşı Doğa Facilities

construction of bungalows in cambasi nature facilities started
construction of bungalows in cambasi nature facilities started

Construction of Bungalows Has Begun at Çambaşı Nature Facilities; Çambaşı Winter Sports and Ski Center in Ordu's 2 thousand-altitude Çambaşı Plateau, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Dr. It is getting ready to become one of the facilities that make a name for itself with the investments implemented by Mehmet Hilmi Güler.

In Turkey, the sea and the nearest airport is located in the ski resort Çambaşı Nature Plant began the construction of 12 bungalows.

Before the vacant land will be turned into a center of attraction with the studies to be done, said. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “There were 5 ski slopes in the Ski Center, we increase this number to 14 and we extend the length of the 5 km runway to 15 km. We are also working on the 100 meter walking belt project for novice skiers. We have laid the foundation of the 5 star hotel to increase the capacity of the existing accommodation. The carcass construction of the hotel is completed. While the work continues at full speed, we also build 12 bungalows in the facility with fireplace among pine trees. We will complete the work in a short time and make it available to our citizens. We will make Çambaşı Plateau an important center of attraction in summer and winter. ”


4 is designed in two types of houses, which are constructed in an insulated manner considering the seasonal climatic conditions. One of the bungalows designed as 100 square meters with suspended floors and the other is designed as 57 square meters duplex will be constructed in a way to include all the goods in a house.

Nested with Nature

Houses located at the dominant point of Çambaşı Nature Facilities where skiers can be watched from a bird's eye view are waiting for those who are interested in skiing in winter, and those who want to enjoy the green in summer, apart from the classical accommodation concept.


4 seasonal bungalows will serve domestic and foreign guests in this winter season is aimed to serve.

Çambaşı Doğa Facilities is ready for the winter season with restaurants, snack food and beverage places, accommodation, skiing, tobogganing, snowboard rentals, ski lifts and newly opened ski slopes.

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