Transparent Room to Let Passengers Wait in Cold!

bursaray stations waiting area transparent room
bursaray stations waiting area transparent room

BursarayPassengers Wait in Cold Transparent Room! ; Maybe emin very important for some among the political and economic issues lip can be seen as a study.


In the summer we left behind daily 300 thousand passengers reaching the transport record, the target 500 thousand passengers per day plan their investments accordingly Who flies to Bursaray in terms of daily life within heeded you need a Uygulama in question.

Photo of…

bursaray stations waiting area transparent room
bursaray stations waiting area transparent room

We often use our opinions and suggestions with our expertise in transportation issues. Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl Sent.


Outside the tunnels Bursaray stations in the middle of the main roads and high above the road floor. Since their environment is also open, the passenger waiting areas of the stations air currents feels more than enough.


Air recirculations in summer natural air conditioning functions, but kış in terms of waiting passengers in the summer difficult moments causes.


Increasing violence with the wind adversely affects the cold waiting.


Seniors, children and patients A troubled wait for the emergence of.


Bursaray 's Burulaş It is troubled condition to a certain extent in order to resolve simple but effective developed a stop arrangement.

For now…

In the middle of in line Esenevler / Hacivat Station 'With the application started in the first quarter of the passenger waiting area was closed in a transparent manner.

In the middle…

Waiting passengers both approaching the station Bursaray vehicles and monitor the environment transparent room output.


Bursaray Stations'against cold and wind negativity in winter. passenger health In the foreground, the image does not distort the measure developed in doing so.

Transportation Specialist Bingöl also application will be useful In thought.

Sistem It is useful to implement the system in all stations as soon as possible, which does not impair the station features and does not affect the urban appearance ” said. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz – Olay)

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