Bursa Metro Projects Are Still Waiting, Signed on Konya Subway

bursa metro projects are still waiting
bursa metro projects are still waiting

You have a right to your Kentis the locomotive of Turkey's economy, but not delivered.

Neither your subway nor your high-speed train or your safe road projects between the districts have been completed.

Yesterday, a friend who was worried about Bursa sent it to our e-mail.

Konya Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Halil Altay proudly shared his social media account.

Our friend took a screenshot of that share and threw it at us.

Necmettin Erbakan University in Konya New YHT Station Fetih Street Meram Municipality Light Rail System Line Construction Works, Electromechanical Systems Supply and Commissioning Works and Supply of Railway Vehicles Contract was signed with a ceremony between the CMC Taşyapı Consortium.

A really gratifying moment for Konya.

President Altay announced this moment to all his fellow citizens from social media as follows;

Tik We have witnessed a historic moment for our city. The signature of Konya Metro, which is the largest state investment in the history of Konya, was signed. Good luck to Konya. I would like to thank our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our Minister of Transport and all those who contributed to this process. ”

It would be a lie if we said we weren't jealous.

We look forward to sharing this with your local managers.

Believe me, we're not tired of writing and drawing. We will continue to write without getting bored until the metro becomes our expectations and our hands hold pencils.

Our systems will continue as a Bursa citizen to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which is insensitive to the demands of Bursa.

We pass on our bounties to every bureaucrat who neglects Bursa in this regard.

31 months have passed over President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's promise for the Bursa subway, the Terminal Tram Line and the Mountain districts and roads in the Gökdere Square in Bursa last February before the 9 March Local Elections.

There's nothing concrete.

There was no noticeable development in the projects that the President himself said in my pursuit.

It is not possible to see the teams of the Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments in Bursa.

When Ankara stays away from these things, it is understood that our politicians and deputies cannot be effective.

We are facing a resistance of Ankara bureaucracy which does not take Bursa into account in its rightful demand.

The bureaucratic oligarchy, which President Erdoğan frequently complained about, shows itself in resisting the demands of Bursa.

We can say that breaking this is not possible with system change.

Despite the presidential government system, Ankara's hard, cold bureaucracy is unfortunately a major obstacle to Bursa's rightful expectations.

We don't know how to break this.

Bursa will continue to wait.

Moreover, the added value it provides to the country is ignored.

Ankara, which provides rail system support to Konya, Sivas, Erzincan and other cities that come to mind as soon as possible, continues to bypass Bursa.

Yes, Bursa has an existing Bursaray line, but Ankara does not have a perforated penny.

It was all done with the city budget.

The German Kfw'dan Bursaray long-term loan for the Metropolitan Municipality is paid in full.

What happens if the ministry takes over the Lightning Metro?

Does the country sink?

Ignoring the wishes, shortcomings and projects of Bursa is the biggest injustice that has been made to this city.

Moreover, in every election, a city of political movement in Turkey has given support on average in action.

Source: İhsan Aydın - Olay


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