Hypersensitive about Bursa High Speed ​​Train

super sensitive about fast train
super sensitive about fast train

Bursa Fast Train Hypersensitive; Location… Grand National Assembly of Turkey Commission for Enterprises meeting. TCDD accounts for the meeting TCDD General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı in the hall with the assistant general managers.


In this meeting Member of SOE Commission found as AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Contact Mustafa directly took the word and important made a speech.

For example…

In recent years with transportation and the nation is pleased with it. rail system brought:

Var There are a lot of high-speed train investments and there are ongoing ones. Especially in the last 6, the processes that our country has been experiencing for reasons not caused by its own internal dynamics have caused disruption. ”

This information KIT Commission carried to the agenda:

Çalışma Work on the Bursa-Osmaneli high-speed train line continues in the first stage. The tender in the second stage was canceled and the process for the new tender is continuing. ”


Şu What I want to emphasize is ” he said and continued:

“Of course, all high-speed train projects are important, but here the conventional line was built with the high-speed train line.”

The crucial sentence said:

"Export capacity has reached 14,9 billion dollars Turkey's second largest exporter this investment is a long overdue investment in the province."

Stood above:

“When planning these investments, priority and immediate completion should be taken into consideration. I know that this line will continue from Border to Bandırma and will lead us to the ports. ”

And then Sonra

“Dear General Manager, I am a physician” and with a medical example. warning made:

“There is a case of idiosyncrasy known as hypersensitivity in medicine. This is an issue where the public of Bursa, the people of Bursa and the politics of Bursa have undisputed over-sensitivity about the ongoing and future investments. Yap

He called for:

Iyla I sincerely believe that you will carry out these processes with the awareness of all these and communication with Bursa politics. ”


Our fast train subject, direct warning to the investor organization It turned.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay


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