Make Commuter Trains Suitable for Bike Transport

suburban trains made available for bicycle transport
suburban trains made available for bicycle transport

Make Commuter Trains Suitable for Bicycle Transportation; A citizen applying to the Ombudsman's Office (OIK) said that the use of bicycles is a part of modern life and that the government encourages a healthy environment in many countries. KDK, upon examination of the application by finding the citizen justified by the State Railways Transportation Co. General Directorate (TCCD) to make available suburban trains suitable for carrying bicycles 'recommendation' found.

The rules of bicycle transportation on the commuter and Marmaray flights provided by TCDD on the official website are as follows;

Commuter Trains and Marmaray Trains

- Except for Sundays and National Holidays days, except for 07.00-09.00 to 16.00-20.00 hours, which are passenger busy hours (peak hours), bicycles will be transported on trains and small hand luggage will be accepted with the passenger without any additional charge.

-The passenger will not be admitted to the train during peak hours.

- Passengers will be accepted to carry bicycles during the day on non-busy Sunday days and national holidays.

- Bicycles should be accepted to all wagons and, if any, must be carried in such a way that they do not interfere with the passage of passengers in spaces or intermediate spaces reserved for carriage.

- Only one bicycle per passenger is allowed.

- The owner of the bicycle is responsible for all kinds of damages and damages caused to them and / or other passengers in elevators, escalators, trains and descents.

-The cycling passes will be made from disabled turnstiles in the regions where the turnstiles are located.

- Loading, keeping and unloading of bicycles on the train will be done by the owner.

-The owner of the bicycle is responsible for any damages to our attempt, to themselves and / or other passengers.

According to a written statement from the KDK, a citizen complained to the institution that commuting on commuter trains is prohibited from cycling at certain times of the day. Citizen applying, commuter trains in the morning 07.00 and 09.00 hours and evening 16.00 and 20.00 hours are not allowed to ride by bicycle, he said. In the application, it was noted that a petition was submitted to TCDD to change these clocks to 07.00 with 08.30 and 16.00 with 18.30. Citizen, TCDD'nin response to him by rejecting the application, saying that the request was not appropriate, he said.

Citizen complaining, KDK'ya application for a healthy environment by encouraging the use of bicycles by recording the state, adding a bicycle apparatus to train wagons and people with bicycles at different times of the day can be taken to train the train, he added. Citizens, public institutions and bicycle users should be taken into consideration in the application of the purchase of bicycles to trains, stressing that the citizen, demanded a new application.

The KDK found the citizen to be justified in his examination on the application and took the recommendation of TCDD. In its decision, the dispute stems from the integration of the bicycle into the rail transport system, and in order to ensure sustainable transport, it is recommended to first extend the hours after which the bicycle is accepted for rail transport and then to remove the time limitation. TCDD'ye 'recommendation of the current commuter trains to make the bike necessary to carry the necessary work as soon as possible was recorded.


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