Ankara Ages in Transportation

Cag Atliyor in Ankara Transportation
Cag Atliyor in Ankara Transportation

Ankara is Leaving Age in Transportation; In the “Ankara Transportation Workshop” hosted by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate, the future transportation policies of Başkent were discussed.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow workshops, opening and closing his speech, brought together scientists from many provinces of Turkey and NGO representatives.

Intensive participation from NGOs and Professional Chambers to scientists took place in the workshop where smart city applications and solution suggestions were explained to ease urban transportation.


Stating that no realistic ideas have been produced so far to solve the transportation problem in the capital, Mayor Yavaş said, “If everyone tries to produce miracle solutions by themselves, we will end up in a dead end again. Therefore, it is necessary to produce realistic solutions. ”

Public Transport Policy and Vision, Sustainable Transportation Policies and Intelligent Transportation Systems discussed the topics of the satisfaction of the workshop passed efficiently President Yavaş, said they will make innovations in the transport network with smart systems.


Emphasizing the importance of validators attached to EGO Buses and Blue Private Public Buses, Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş underlined that they expect support from the government in order to attach this system to other means of transportation.

Mayor Yavaş stated that he believes that the government will support the issues of the goodness of Ankara and said, “We want to apply the validator application in the minibuses. This is something for the good of Ankara and we expect the support of the government in this regard ”.


Professor at the workshop. Dr. Eda Babalık made a presentation on “An Overview of Transportation Policies”. Dr. “Public Transportation Policy and Vision” moderated by Prof. Dr. Tarık Şengül. Dr. "Sustainable Transportation Policies" and "Intelligent Transportation Systems" sessions were held under the moderation of Ruşen Keleş.

In the workshop where many examples from London to Seoul are explained; Ideas were exchanged on Bicycle Sharing Systems Public Transport Integration, Pedestrian Boulevard and Streets, Public Transport Boulevards, Game Streets.


In the workshop where future transportation projects and solution proposals of EGO General Directorate were discussed;


- Master Plan of Sustainable Transport,

-Electric Bus,

-Park Continue,

- Restriction of Vehicle Traffic,

- Bicycle and Micro Mobility

topics were discussed by experts.

Emphasizing the importance of reshaping the vision of public transport in Ankara, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş made the following evaluations:

“We prefer to come together with NGOs, Chambers, District Representatives and Academicians to plan the city we live in with people. We plan to continue with the projects that the people of Ankara say okay. We will implement projects that are essential and will make life easier for Ankara. ”

Stating that all the stakeholders had the chance to listen to their ideas thanks to the workshops. Dr. Tarık Şengül expressed his views with these words:

"The best experts of Turkey was here. Transport policies that are sensitive to the environment, sensitive to the environment but also using the resources correctly were discussed instead of expensive solutions. I think a Capital deserves it. ”

From the participants Dr. Haluk Gercek, “It is necessary to congratulate Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We listened to very useful suggestions. ” Dr. Nihan Sönmez said, “The capital Ankara is lagging behind on some issues regarding public transportation. I think it is a resource and time problem. If these are completed and such an exchange of ideas is made, I think the solution is close. ”

Stating that the workshop was a success, METU Faculty Member Osman Balaban made the following observations:

“Ankara has used the transportation issue very badly in the last 20-25 years. Transportation in the city is one of the worst cities in Turkey. It is a city where everyone gets on a private car and public transportation systems cannot be used effectively. The way to save Ankara's future is through the solution of transportation problems. ”

The solution proposals and projects expressed by the parties in the Transportation Workshop will be reported by EGO General Directorate and presented to Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş.

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