Akçaray will be extended to Kuruçeşme and Şehir Hospital

akcaray tram line will be built and extended to city hospital
akcaray tram line will be built and extended to city hospital

Akçaray will be extended to Kuruçeşme and Şehir Hospital; The tram line extended to the Beach Road will be in service as of Monday. 2,2 kilometer new line, where the work is completed, the first ride Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın did. Mayor Büyükakın, who made his first test drive, announced that the Kuruçeşme Central and City Hospital lines were next.

The beach line of the tram line extended to the school district by the Metropolitan Municipality was also completed. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın who made a test drive for the Beach Road region where the flights will start from Monday, also announced the targets related to tram and rail system. With the new Kuruçeşme and City Hospital lines, the number of journeys that are currently 54 thousand will exceed 2025 thousand in 100. Büyükakın, the new courthouse and the stadium for the line to be made in the route study studies, he said.


Schools in the tram ride to the first trial of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş Büyakakın'a, MHP Provincial Chairman Aydin Celebrity, Metropolitan Secretary Balamir Gundogdu, Deputy Secretary General, department heads and municipal officials joined. Vatakın explained how to use the tram to the president, then the first driving Büyükakın, then made a statement at the Beach Road stop. Büyükakın said that the rail system brings a serious transportation comfort in the city, said that the citizen adopted and liked the rail system.


The first test drive of the new line starting from Sekapark Training Campus was made. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın sitting in the seat of Vatman, AK Party Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, MHP Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Aydin Unlu, Secretary General Balamir Gundogdu, Deputy Secretary General Hasan Aydinlik, Mustafa Altay, Dogan Erol, department heads and branch managers joined .


President Tahir Büyükakın who carried out the trial trial in the new line, then made statements to members of the press. Mayor Büyükakın, “Tram brought comfort to Kocaeli in public transportation. The tram is a comfortable, safe and fast means of transportation. Our citizens welcomed this service positively. 2017 Since August we have carried 23 million passengers. Every day we make an average 350 expedition. This time we carry 53 thousand passengers. This increase shows us that rail transportation should be increased. Ulaşım


Mayor Büyükakın pointed out the importance of the new line; “Today we tested the new line extending to Sekerpark Training Campus and the Beach Road. This line will immediately cross the road to Kuruçeşme. Our teams started to work for this line. Our goal is to start the construction of Kuruçeşme line in 2020 year. Another target is the line that reaches the City Hospital from the Bus Station area. It's important. We need to finish that line quickly. 50 thousand people are expected to visit the hospital when the City Hospital is completed. You cannot meet that density by public transport. That's why we want to complete the works and tender them to make that line quickly ”.

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