'Airport of the Year' Award goes to Istanbul Airport

airport of the year
airport of the year

'Airport of the Year' Award of Istanbul Airport; Istanbul Airport was deemed worthy of an award in the “Airport of the Year” category at the “Readers' Choice 2019” awards organized by the International Airport Review magazine.

Istanbul Airport, which surpassed its strong competitors in the "Readers' Choice 2019" awards, determined by the reader votes of the International Airport Review Magazine, one of the most prestigious publications of the aviation industry in the world, won the award in the "Airport of the Year" category. kazanIt was the moment.

Istanbul Airport, which has just passed the first year of its opening, was selected as “Airport of the Year” by the readers of the International Airport Review Magazine, one of the world's leading publications of the UK-based aviation industry, and received the appreciation of international authorities for its goal of becoming a global hub. kazanwas.

Istanbul Airport has surpassed many international airports…

Istanbul Airport, which won the of Airport of the Year ”award, leaving international airports such as Heathrow, Changi, Copenhagen Vancouver, Sydney and Hong Kong behind, proved to be the flag carrier of the Turkish aviation industry.

Emphasizing that Istanbul Airport, which won the award by leaving many international hub airports behind, accomplished the difficult task in a short time, Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of IGA Airport Operations and Chairman of the Executive Board, continued as follows: “An international award is given to our country. kazanWe're glad we did. While Istanbul Airport has left its first year behind with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, we have also covered significant distances in our goal of becoming a global hub and bringing Turkey to the top league in the aviation industry and presenting an exemplary airport operating model to the world. The 'Airport of the Year' award, which we have received by leaving many important airports behind, is an indication of how well we do our job at Istanbul Airport. With the awareness of the great responsibility that comes on us by being a source of pride for our country and being an example for the world, we want to bring many more international awards to our country by achieving our goals one by one in the future.”

The bi-monthly UK-based International Airport Review Magazine is a leading source of information for the aviation industry, covering passenger experience, weather operations, terminal operations, security, information technology, ATC / ATM, airport development, construction and design. Offering in-depth analysis, news, articles, interviews and case studies from the world's leading airports and airlines, the magazine reaches 30 thousand readers worldwide.

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