Abused in Metro Metro Video Citizen Support

abused in the metro cubbeli citizen video support
abused in the metro cubbeli citizen video support

In Istanbul, the 29 October Republic Day celebrations in the subway with turbaned robes, the Tenth Year Anthem was sung. While the images were shared on social media, this action was interpreted as c disturbing tarafından by Islamists and attracted reaction.

While these discussions were taking place, Tezcan Tüysüz, a member of the Menzil community, shared on social media the moments when he sang a hymn that started as "The way out without the basmalah, the Qur'an circumcision is a fortress for us", on social media. In the video, it was seen that the people on the subway were confused. Hairless shared those moments as a gift for my sofi brother who was mocked on the subway.



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