With the arrival of YHT, the number of tourists in Sivas will increase to 3

With the arrival of yht, the number of tourists in Sivas will suffer
With the arrival of yht, the number of tourists in Sivas will suffer

With the arrival of YHT, the number of tourists in Sivas will increase to 3; Visits and investigations from the day before the President of the Grand National Assembly of Sivas. Dr. Mustafa Şentop mentioned the contributions of Sivas High Speed ​​Train which will be operational soon. Şentop, YHT'nin the arrival of the number of tourists in Sivas will fold 3'e said.

Head of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Dr. Mustafa Sentop, Sivas to make various visits and the Republican University's 2019-2020 Academic Year Opening Ceremony to attend the previous day, he made important statements in Sivas. Şentop, who made the first visit to the Governor's program in Sivas program, visited the Municipality of Sivas after the visit to the Governor Hilmi Bilgin'den received information about the work. Speaking at the opening program of Sivas Cumhuriyet University 2019-2020 Academic Year, Şentop, the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Dr. Mustafa Sentop, YHT, Sivas will increase the number of tourists 3 times, he added. Şentop, '' to go to a place to stay and easy to emphasize that the President Sentop, '' the East Express, which has attracted a great interest in recent years, hopefully our city will come by high-speed train next year. That will be the time between Ankara and Sivas 2 clock. Istanbul, Konya will be easier to come. Thus, I think that the 600 hosted by Sivas last year will host at least three times a thousand tourists. Kul

Muslim Turkish nation 11. century, although the first madrasas established 17. Şentop said that after the 20th century civilization lost its superiority, “We are members of a nation that established Nizamiye Madrasas in the 11 century. The opening year of the first madrasah is 1067. The madrasas opened in our cities such as Erzurum, Sivas, Kayseri, Konya during the period of Anatolian Seljuk State took Nizamiye Madrasas as a model. As a matter of fact, two of them are Buruciye Madrasah and Gök Madrasah which are works of 13 century. In other words, while those who tried to sell us civilization were living their dark ages, we opened madrasas where mathematics, logic, astronomy and philosophy were taught. Unfortunately, the development of civilizations is not vertical. The light of our golden age, which began in the 10 century, began to fade after a few centuries. Our civilization, which was followed and imitated for hundreds of years, started to decline due to the Mongol invasion, the change of trade routes, political instabilities, sectarian conflicts and religious taassuplar. Since the 17 century, our civilization has lost its upper hand. We started to imitate those who followed us. ”

I'm Proud of Sivas

According to data from the Statistics Institute of Turkey in our country is more than 30 thousand libraries expressing Chair of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Dr. Mustafa Sentop, “1 national library, 598 university library, thousand 162 halki public library. The others are school libraries. Sivas is a city of historical and cultural importance that should be explained with enough books to fill at least one of these libraries. Because Sivas is a close witness of our 1000 year in Anatolia, apart from ancient times. Seljuk, Ottoman and give direction to the Republic of Turkey period. If we have a free and independent state today, the Yigidos have great rights. We have to deliver this right. Because the three continents, seven ancestors who ruled seven seas in the face of the victory of a handful of people who lack the self-confidence in the buffalo and patronage offers to throw away the full independence of the heroes continued their way to the target of independence. 108 hosted the staff of our national struggle and opened the way for our independence. In the years when our nation was tested with fire, Gazi Mustafa Kemal reached the pride of companionship to Atatürk and his friends. In the meantime, not only with its geographical location, but also with our historical and cultural values ​​has shown that our country is insurance. Therefore, I'm proud of Sivas, I congratulate Sivas brothers, ”he said.

Sivas, A Versatile City

Sivas is a city with features that attract everyone's attention indicating that the Parliament Sentent Şentop, “Everyone can see from wherever they look. Sivas, especially those who do military service here is a city they do not forget the frosty. Even in the cold, 'Originally I'm from Erzurum, but I live in Sivas' is a city he said. Even though it is cold, Sivas has the characteristics of synthesizing the eastern and western parts of Anatolia. Hundreds of poets, writers, artists such as Pir Sultan Abdal, Asik Veysel, Kul Himmet, Sefil Selimî, Muzaffer Sarısözen grew up in these lands because it was based on an ancient culture. Until the 16 century, it was one of the most important centers of the historical Silk Road. Today it has the same value. 28 is the second largest province of Turkey after Konya with its geographical size of thousand 500 km². The most important witnesses of our place in the history of civilization are Gök Madrasah, Buruciye Madrasah, Ulu Mosque and Behram Paşa Han. The Great Mosque and Healing House in Divrigi, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, is an important document showing our level of civilization. From 700 to Anatolia, the Turkish nation, who has built a home in Anatolia, who wonder about the level of civilization built in Sivas, I strongly recommend you to visit. ”

Historical Gökmedrese Review

In the scope of the contacts of Sivas province, Gök Medrese, whose restoration works were completed, also visited Governor Salih Ayhan and congratulated those who supported the restoration of the historical monument which will serve as the Museum of Foundations. (Our Sivas)

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