What is Vatman?

female patriots
female patriots

What is Vatman, what does it work, how to become? : Passenger vehicles used in urban passenger transport, moving on special rails which are not laid out on the road and operating with electric power, are called tram. People who use these vehicles, namely trams, are called vatman. Patriotism known as tram / subway driver in daily life; It has become a great need after the developments in rail systems technologies and the importance of transportation vehicles such as tram / metro in urban transportation.

They generally work on routes that do not vary too much. He works in the department dedicated to them. Working hours show flexibility due to continuity of service and shift system is applied. What do the citizens do?

Duties of the citizens What are their powers and responsibilities?

Tram / Metro Driver (Vatman), in accordance with the general operating principles of the enterprise, using tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with worker health, occupational safety and environmental protection regulations and the efficiency and quality requirements of the profession:

  • To make the necessary checks before taking the tram / metro to the road,
  • Using the tram / metro by adjusting the speed of the vehicle and the time spent at the stops,
  • During the course of the journey, constantly observe the route and observe the warnings and signs on the line,
  • To pay attention to pedestrians and road vehicles along the route,
  • To make the necessary intervention in the case of accidents and accidents, to ensure that the accident report is kept by the security and motion authority,
  • Fulfilling the instructions and taking the necessary measures,
  • Keeping the maintenance cards of tram / metro,
  • Informing and directing passengers when necessary,
  • To inform the superiors of the wishes and complaints of the passengers.
  • To comply with the rules on occupational health and safety, to ensure compliance with duties and procedures.
Women's Patriots
Women's Patriots

How is Vatman?

First of all, those who want to work as a physical and mental angle of absence of any disability, eye hand foot and hearing organs to be able to use in coordination, responsible, patient, cold-blooded people must be. Persons with these characteristics are able to exercise their profession in a much more comfortable way. Other than that, to be a homeland;

  1. To be a graduate of a high school or equivalent school
  2. To have done his military service
  3. Not older than 35
  4. There should be no physical and mental disability.

They are employed within the municipalities. Municipalities issue a course for this when the citizenship needs. In the courses of municipalities, 23 is given the necessary theoretical and practical courses and the necessary trainings for the course process. A written and oral interview is given to the candidates who have successfully completed the course, and then the individuals who pass this section successfully can start their duties as citizens.

Those who are successful in the profession of patriotism can then move on to the trainer, the movement chief, the chief of operation, or the traffic supervisor.

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