Two Routes for Sakarya Rail System Line Determined!

Two routes for the Sakarya railway line
Two routes for the Sakarya railway line

Two Routes Determined for Sakarya Rail System Line !; Speaking during his visit to Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “We will be closely involved in Sakarya's projects. Sakarya is a city that deserves the best projects. Our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce prepared very important works in a short time. I congratulate you and wish you success ”. Minister Turhan, Metropolitan Municipality's tax returns will be solved the loss of income, he said.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who came to Sakarya to participate in a series of programs, visited the Metropolitan Municipality. In addition to Mayor Ekrem Yüce, Deputy Mayor of Transportation and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, AK Party Deputies Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, Recep Uncuoğlu, TÜVASAŞ General Manager İlhan Kocaarslan, Regional Mayors Turgay Çolak General Manager of SASKİ İlyas Demirci, Metropolitan and SASKI bureaucrats and NGO representatives were also present. Mayor Ekrem Yüce thanked Minister Turhan for the resumption of the ADA Train and the completion of the TOPÇA junction. He presented the projects in the transport section and asked for support.

Transportation will guarantee future

Mayor Ekrem Yüce started his speech by expressing his pleasure to host Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, in Sakarya. hence, thank you. Again, we would like to support our projects by presenting our projects to our Minister, which will be a new milestone in transportation of our city. Our Sakarya is developing and transforming with each passing day. We are a city that takes a great distance in every area. Our vision in transportation and the projects we aim to implement will guarantee the future of transportation in our city. I hope with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure that we will start a new era in Sakarya transportation, I would like to thank our Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan for his interest and support. ”

New entry and connection roads from the highway to the city

Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who shared the projects prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality with Minister Turhan, said, “We have a new project that will provide a new entrance to our city from the highway and then connect the new stadium with Pekşenler. We made our requests and correspondence on the subject. The section between the Pecan and D-100 was approved by our Ministry. Another study is between D-100 and D-650. On the other hand, Sakarya is a bicycle-friendly city. SAKBİS's received great attention in a short time. Now we have prepared our project to increase our bicycle path network and equip it with smart stops ”.

Rail Systems and Nostalgic Tram

Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “We have determined 2 different routes at the point of rail systems, which our city is eagerly waiting for. Our first stage is between OSB and Train Station, and our second stage is between Campus and Train Station. Not very long distances. Rail systems to Sakarya with the support of our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure kazanwe want to climb. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are ready. We can start work immediately with your instruction. We will also implement the Nostalgic Tram project between the Nation's Garden and the New Mosque. We have completed the feasibility studies,” he said. President Yüce conveyed his demands for the opening of a new entrance to Sakarya Park from the D-100. Minister Turhan instructed the Regional Director of Highways, Turgay Çolak, to deal with the issue.

Ministerial allocation for Greenhouse Center of Excellence

Mayor Ekrem Yüce presented the issue to Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan about the allocation of the land belonging to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to the Metropolitan Municipality for the Greenhouse Excellence Center, which is aimed to be implemented in Akyazı. Yüce said, “By building an exemplary facility in Turkey, we will make it the center of greenhouse cultivation. We have reached the final stage. We will give life to soilless greenhouse cultivation there. Our project will be a world brand," he said. President Ekrem Yüce, who brought the ADA Train underground to the agenda, added a new boulevard to the city with the undergrounding of the train. kazanHe said that they will raise it and make it a living center. He said that a very special project will be at the service of Sakarya with the work to be done in an area of ​​approximately 1,5 kilometers.

Peace geography of Sakarya

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who defines Sakarya as a geography of peace, said, “Sakarya is a city that develops, changes and grows day by day. It is also a city receiving immigration. As Mr. President said, I find peace when it comes to Sakarya. The friendly nature and nature of the Sakarians give people peace. Ekrem Yüce, our Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, has also served as the president of Erenler. It closely follows all the problems of the city and produces solutions. He prepared very important studies in a short time. Congratulations. ”

Loss of income from tax returns will be solved

Declaring that the income loss arising from the tax returns of Sakarya will be solved, Minister Turhan said, ık We were together with our President at the Expanded Provincial Presidents Meeting. We will solve the problem experienced in the income of Sakarya. With the increase in revenues and the vision of our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, the projects of Sakarya will increase. ”

Expropriations accelerate investments

Stating that the nationalization of rail systems and transportation infrastructure is an important point, Minister Turhan said, “Infrastructure investments are high-cost investments. In particular, rail systems are not an easy task to do with the budget of local governments and the support of our central government is very important. It is of great importance that there is a need for a rail system and that its feasibility is appropriate. An important part of our investments is nationalization. When our local governments take steps at the expropriation point, we can take projects into investment programs more easily. ”

We will be closely involved with the projects of Sakarya

Stating that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has carried out important works in Sakarya, Minister Turhan said, olarak As the Ministry, we will look at Sakarya in the same way. We will be closely involved with the projects of Sakarya. When the necessary conditions are formed, we take the projects into the investment program and start their execution. Sakarya is a city that deserves the best projects and these projects are not luxury but a need. ”

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