Road Investment Expenditures Share First with 62 Percent

share the highest share of highway investment
share the highest share of highway investment

Highway Investment Expenditures are in First Place with 62% Share; Speaking at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee, where the 2020 budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was discussed, Minister Turhan stated that the Highway was ranked first with a 62 percent share in investment expenditures and pointed out the importance of being able to complete the investments faster and be offered to the citizens.

Turhan stated that they have started the 198,5 billion lira public-private cooperation (PPP) project and noted that 77 percent of the investments in question have been completed and an additional 45,5 billion lira investment will be brought to the country with the ongoing PPP projects.

Stating that the size of the 495 main projects, excluding PPP projects, in the investment portfolio of the Ministry is 505 billion liras and 237,5 billion liras of this was realized, Turhan said, “Our country is the 13th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power thanks to transportation investments and other stakeholders of our developing economy. has become an economy. Turkey is not only the historical geographic, social, cultural and economic advantages lies on one of the world's most precious region. " he spoke.

Turhan stated that 1 billion 590 million people in the geography lived, 39 trillion 300 billion dollar Gross National Product, 7,6 trillion dollar trade volume can reach 67 country. He said the total amount of his investments with PPP was $ 2003 billion.

Turhan pointed out that the gross domestic product effect of the investments made was 290 billion dollars, the production effect was 629 billion dollars and the employment effect was 602 thousand people on average annually. “Thanks to the investments, only in 2018, as a result of the efficient use of both human and material resources of our country. 12,7 billion dollars were saved. ” said.

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