Mayor Arda: “My dream of Gaziemir Metro becomes a reality”

President Arda Gaziemir Metro is my dream come true
President Arda Gaziemir Metro is my dream come true

Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda stated that it was a pleasing development for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to tender for the Gaziemir Metro, which is at the forefront of the election promises. A very special step for our district, ”he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Suburban and Rail System Investments Department has put out a project tender for Halkapınar - Karabağlar - Gaziemir metro line. It is stated that the metro line included in the Izmir Master Transportation Master Plan will be built on the route of Halkapınar-Konak-Bozyaka-Eskiizmir Avenue-Gaziemir-New Fairground-Adnan Menderes Airport. Gaziemir people were welcomed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to start this investment.

Mayor Tunç Soyer, after his first visit to Gaziemir Municipality after local elections, President Halil Arda highlighted the importance of subway investment in the first place of the election promises and emphasized the importance of the subway for the district. He had received. A week after the meeting, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started the initiatives regarding the tender process of the metro.

Both the environment and the national economy kazanleg

Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda stated that they happily welcomed the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's tender for the Gaziemir metro and said, “Another dream we have included in our election manifesto is coming true. Metro is coming to Gaziemir. On behalf of the people of Gaziemir, I would like to thank our Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Tunç Soyer, for this important service. With these works we will do in cooperation, we will find a solution to the traffic problem in our district. The rail system is almost a symbol of developed countries. It is environmentalist. This investment will create an important public transportation alternative from our district to the center, will prevent many individual vehicles from getting into traffic, and will contribute to both the environment and the country's economy. kazanit will be messy. It is a very important day for Gaziemir. We are honored to see İzmir covered with iron nets.”

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