CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar Owns Gebze Darıca Subway

Gebze Darica Subway
Gebze Darica Subway

CHP Deputy of Kocaeli Akar, Again Gebze Darica Subway Owners; Republican People's Party Member of Parliament and PM Haydar Akar, the Metropolitan Municipality of the subway project was supported

Kocaeli Barış NewspaperSebahattin Aydin, according to the news, "CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, today CHP Provincial CHP CHP Provincial Chairman Cengiz Saribay, provincial managers and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly CHP Group Vice President Engin Taşdemir and Assembly Member Orhan Tanış'ın Metro press release output. Akar said he did not find the subway age correct. Akar, said: No one will remember Karaosmanoğlu 10 years later. Sefa Bey, said hodri challenge. çıksınlar. The biggest stakes in the country are their build and operate transfer models. I think the subway age is right. Istanbul Ankara was the ministry of the subway works. Now we won't do it. 5 percent of the general budget will be cut subway. Metro needs of this city. I give the President a good news. We're gonna pay off the next debt. When I said, metro Why don't you make a subway to Kocaeli from the parliamentary chair for years, their deputies were lying on their back. ”


Akar answered AKP Kocaeli deputy İlyas Şeker and said, “Did İlyas Şeker ever talk about the way to Kandira where the most accidents happened? Did he talk about the sea fillings? Did he talk about the logistics connection of the railways? Did you hear that he took care of the layoffs? They opened 5 times for Cengiz Topel, did you ever hear him talk? Did you hear that 18 village in Kandıra is the victim of the Istanbul dam? You will not hear. You will not find this city in the Assembly speeches. I advise him to talk about this city. Don't be a lawyer. Deputy responsible for important days and weeks ”.


Büyükakın, 'Go to court if the document in their hands' to respond Akar, "We are deputies, we ask questions. We will ask if there is corruption behind it, or we will ask. We will ask why one person participated in the tender. It's easy. He says go to court. ”

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