Turkish Airlines Extended Flight Costs to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport flight times extended thynin costs doubled
Istanbul airport flight times extended thynin costs doubled

Flight Time to Istanbul Airport Extended… Turkish Airlines Costs Increased; French air traffic system in the experimental stage "Merge Point" has sold to Turkey. The system would shorten flight times. The desired efficiency could not be achieved when 3 thousand targeted air traffic per thousand 200 per day remained at Istanbul Airport. All flights are extended. 10-15 consumes extra fuel per minute and all operating costs of THY have been doubled.

SözcüAccording to the report of Yusuf Demir; Turkish Airlines increased the scheduled time for Ankara flights that lasted 45 minutes at Ataturk Airport to 1 hours at 35 minutes at Istanbul Airport. This change, which is more than twice as old, is also clearly visible on the THY website, flight information screens and tickets. When examined, it is seen that not only the flights to Ankara, but also all the ups and downs connected to Istanbul Airport are extended.

It was revealed that the delay was caused by the new air traffic control system called “Merge Point an which was purchased with great dreams from the French as well as the problems caused by the location and physical conditions of the new airport. The system, which was tried in small airports in most of Asia and Africa and two in Seoul and Norway, was started to be implemented for the first time in such an airspace and 3 airport (Istanbul, Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen).

flight to istanbul airport
flight to istanbul airport

At the first stage, the desired traffic was not obtained from the system at Istanbul Airport when the air traffic targeted to reach 2 thousands per day and then to 3 thousands per thousand 200s. Providing information to SÖZCÜ aviation experts, in order to prevent delays in the air and place, to ensure the safety of the system received in the system, in practice, said the opposite results. an expert not want to share his name, "a new system theoretically correct system but did comply with Turkey. It is clear that flight times are not shortened, especially at Istanbul Airport. ”


Oktay Erdağı, Former Assistant General Manager of Civil Aviation said, sa If such a system is taken, it is expected that flight time will be shortened, flight safety will increase and traffic will increase. No such thing. Then why so much money was spent. Every day, all airlines, especially Turkish Airlines, suffer losses. This is a project marketed by Eurocontrol. They chose us as guinea pigs. Turns out it's not for us. But unfortunately there is no going back ”.

After the purchase of the system, air traffic controllers from the State Airports Authority were trained in France for about a year. a large number of meetings were held where all parties participate in Turkey. During this process, THY or other airline companies did not receive any objection or change proposal. The system was activated on the day Istanbul Airport was opened. The airspace was changed. New routes, new approaching procedures, new runway approaching procedures were introduced.


The system developed by the French is similar to the labyrinth system in the passport control halls. In order to reach the police, you have to line up in the labyrinth and draw ana s birlikte along with those in front of you. So an airplane departing from Ankara and completing the landing in 45 minutes, losing at least 10-15 minutes in this maze. Not only does it spend more fuel, staff resources are used inefficiently, and operating costs are doubled.


This system was providing a major contribution in ensuring compliance with Turkey's busy airports, air traffic flow pattern. The operating costs of airlines, especially fuel, rose and turned into a burden. The pilots approaching Atatürk Airport directly from the sea cannot understand why they have to approach the new port, which is only 16-17 kilometers ahead. Pilots approaching Istanbul often want a “short cut.. So he says, yoksa If there is no one in front of me, don't rind me off.


The increase in flight time, Turkey 65 percent rate of air using the area as a base and using the Airport Turkish Airlines Istanbul influences. Even on shortest flights, the 10-15 is the most severe victim of the THY system, which is delayed by minutes, thus consuming more fuel, thus doubling all operating costs. THY, which tries to find a solution to reduce the damage, is in contact with DHMI for drawing a shorter route, especially by stretching the system partially at the takeoffs.

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