Istanbul Airport Signs Agreements with International Airports of China and South Korea

Istanbul Airport has signed agreements with international airports in China and South Korea
Istanbul Airport has signed agreements with international airports in China and South Korea

Istanbul Airport Signed Agreements with International Airports of China and South Korea; In addition to its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and high-end travel experience, Istanbul Airport, the global HUB, has signed agreements with the international airports of the People's Republic of China and South Korea.

gateway to the world of Turkey and the first years of the global HUB, the Istanbul Airport, where every year millions of passengers traveled with the Peoples Republic of China from Shanghai Pudong and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airports found in the Shanghai Airport Authority, and from South Korea with Incheon International Airport signed memorandum of understanding. In addition to these agreements, Istanbul Airport also concluded sister airport agreements with Beijing Capital International Airport and the recently opened Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Aviation bridge set up!

In the private aviation between Turkey and South Korea and China signed cooperation agreements for the establishment of information bridge. Agreements have been reached between Istanbul Airport and the airports in question regarding effective communication, information sharing, personnel rotation training and joint marketing activities, and it has been decided to cooperate in the development of customer experience services at joint meetings.

The parties will be able to make use of airport management, operation and general business experience to develop and strengthen the relationship between them, as well as exchange information on terminal management, air side management, commercial management, architectural design, route development and electronic methods.

The agreements were made with the world's leading international airports…

2018, which is the consultant of Istanbul Airport and ranked in the world's best airports according to 3 data. South Korea's largest airport, Incheon International Airport, is 68 with over 18 million passengers. The largest, according to the cargo ranking 4. is the largest airport. Beijing Capital International Airport, one of the most important airports of the People's Republic of China, is 100 with more than million passengers. The largest, according to the cargo ranking 2. is the largest airport.

Shanghai Pudong Airport, one of the airports affiliated with Shanghai Airport Authority, is the world's 74 with the number of 9 million passengers. the largest, according to the cargo ranking 16. stands out as the largest airport. Beijing Daxing International Airport, which was recently opened with a capacity of 72 million passengers, is another important international airport in which Istanbul Airport has reached a cooperation agreement.

The number of flights from China and South Korea and foreign airline companies are increasing…

14 flight a week between Turkey and South Korea. In case this number increased to xnumx'y from entering Turkey 27 with full capacity and services between China Istanbul Airport. The target is to increase the number 36 the expedition held between Turkey and China 2020. On the other hand, China Southern, Lucky and Sichuan Airlines, followed by the launch of China Eastern and Juneyao Airlines in the summer of 48 flights to Istanbul Airport is scheduled to increase the number of Chinese airlines to 2020.

Turkey is introducing the Asian market, we aim 5 1 million tourists a year

Kadri Samsunlu, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of İGA Airport Operations, who first visited South Korea and then People's Republic of China to carry out a series of commercial activities and airport agreements, stated that the visits to Asia continent on behalf of Istanbul Airport are of great importance. “As IGA, we have visited South Korea and China and signed important agreements with efficient meetings. As you know, Ankara, Beijing and Seoul and Istanbul are sister cities with Shanghai.

These agreements on behalf of Istanbul Airport will further strengthen our brotherhood. In a sense, we make a connection between the agreements we have made and the points on the historical Silk Road through the 'air'. In this way, we carry the knowledge we have developed on behalf of Turkish aviation to the international arena with our global HUB airport. We are also glad to see that the offers for the agreements come from these airports. We have seen how to better serve passengers from China and South Korea, we will implement them. Our aim; To contribute to the tourism of our country by getting more shares from the passenger traffic flowing to Europe. 5 We aim to bring 1 million tourists from the People's Republic of China to our country annually and create a network where approximately 15 million Chinese passengers traveling to Europe can travel from Istanbul Airport as the transfer point. Yıllık

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