Halkalı Kapıkule Train Map Timetable Itinerary and Ticket Prices

ringed kapikule train schedules timetables and ticket prices
ringed kapikule train schedules timetables and ticket prices

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. by Halkalı There is a reciprocal 1 flight between Kapıkule.Halkalı The average travel time between Kapıkule is 4 hours. Route length is 276 Km

As you can see in the table below Halkalı We offer Kapıkule train times. We will share a few things you need to know in our article. Halkalı As Kapıkule train services are in the regional train class, you cannot buy tickets from TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.'s website or mobile application. Train ticket sales are made during the day and you cannot buy tickets at a later date. For this reason, you can come to the stations before the departure time of the train you plan to travel and get your tickets at the station ticket offices.

Map of Halkali Kapikule Train Station
Map of Halkali Kapikule Train Station

Halkalı Kapikule Train Stations

Halkalı Trains and Stations from Kapikule to 19 include:

2-Edirne City
4-Şerbett is
5-Bahçıvanov to
9-Kayabeyl of
18-Km. 30 500 +
19-Istanbul (Halkalı)

Halkalı Kapikule Train Route

These trains operate between Istanbul - Edirne - Istanbul every day. Halkalı > Çerkezköy > Kapikule, Kapikule> Çerkezköy > Halkalı ve Çerkezköy > Halkalı, Halkalı > Çerkezköy service.

Halkalı Kapikule Train Times

Kapikule> Çerkezköy > Halkalı > Train Timetable
station 1. Train
Kapıkule PM07:25
Edirne City PM07:39
Edirne PM07:43
Şerbett is PM08:00
Bahçıvanov to PM08:06
Pehlivanköy PM08:15
Alpullu PM08:35
lüleburgaz PM08:47
the Kayabeyl PM08:58
Seyitler PM09:03
Muratli PM09:17
Çorlu PM09:41
Velimeşe PM09:52
Çerkezköy PM10:05
Kabakça PM10:42
Catalca PM10:56
Ispartakule PM11:17
Km. 30 500 + PM11:25
Halkalı PM11:29
Halkalı > Çerkezköy > Kapıkule Route Train Hours
station 1. Train
Halkalı PM18:00
Km. 37 362 + PM18:09
Ispartakule PM18:12
Catalca PM18:40
Kabakça PM18:52
Çerkezköy PM19:32
Velimeşe PM19:44
Çorlu PM19:56
Muratli PM20:17
Seyitler PM20:30
the Kayabeyl PM20:34
lüleburgaz PM20:46
Alpullu PM21:01
Pehlivanköy PM21:18
Bahçıvanov to PM21:27
Şerbett is PM21:34
Edirne PM21:52
Edirne City PM21:55
Kapıkule PM22:08

Halkalı Kapıkule Train Ticket Price

On-line purchase and reservation cannot be made for the train that runs daily. You can buy tickets at the toll booths on a daily basis. Pulse seat ticket price per person is 29,5 TL.

TCDD Information and Reservation Phones

0282 726 57 26 - (08.00 - 12.00 / 16.00 - 20.00)

0212 678 48 00 (9336) (08.00 - 18.00)

0505 697 03 55 (335) - (06.00-11.00 / 14.00 -17.00)

0505 697 03 56 (4315) - (23.00 - 07.00)

Halkalı Map of Kapikule Train



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