65 Million Dollar Loss on Public Passenger Guarantees in BOT Projects

65 Million Dollar Loss on Public Passenger Guarantees in BOT Projects
passenger guarantees in the YID projects have caused the public to lose a million dollars

Passenger Guarantees in BOT Projects Lossed Public by 65 Million Dollars; The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) announced that the loss of passenger guarantees given to build-operate-transfer projects is 65 million dollars.

65 million dollars in passenger losses caused by Build-Operate-Transfer projects has been publicly damaged. General Directorate of State Airports Authority, 3. In the airport tender, 4 billion 590 million in public losses occurred and this amount was unfairly transferred to producer companies did not respond.

UniversalAccording to the news in; “The response text was sent to the commission by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) upon objections made by the CHP to the public economic enterprises (KIT) reports for the years 2011-2016. It is stated that passenger guarantees given for build-operate-transfer projects are 65 million dollars. In the answer, the statement “The company has paid 443 million dollars to our administration so far due to the passenger guarantees given in the build-operate-transfer projects carried out until today and 65 million dollars have been paid to the private sector due to the under-guarantee realizations”.


In response to this objection by the General Directorate of DHMİ, X 42 is the first phase of the project which will last for months. phase investments 1 billion 4 million euros and this financing; The Bank is financed by the 800 bank, three of which are state and the other three are private banks. There is no treasury guarantee for the loan to be given to the project. In addition, there is no commitment of the treasury in this project. Debt assumed; In case the facility is confiscated by the administration free of charge. However, with the operation of the facility, all incomes of the airport will be transferred to the administration, in which case the public will not face a debt burden. ”

CHP's 3. itiraz Providing the contractor with income guarantee by the organization means that all risks of the project are also undertaken by the public. The income guarantee provided by DHMİ and the loans obtained from public banks are in fact a public debt spread over medium and long term. In other words, we are faced with a large amount of debt burden that is not visible in the state balance sheets ”.


Deputy Chairman of the CHP Group Özgür Özel stated that yanıt In response to our objections, the serious problems that are reflected in the TCA reports are not answered. The administration is clearly trying to deceive the public with its responses. 3. such as airport tender, for a tender that consists of serious public harm corresponding to the 5 percent of Turkey's budget 4 billion 590 million euros in public damage occurred and of that amount maker and thought-provoking failure to respond regarding the transposition as unfair to the companies. 2 billion 90 million euros with no delivery on time, 2.5 billion euros for public losses due to changes in the elevation of the airport and tender specifications at runway locations. It is obvious that the crime of ası Confusion of Performing Performance to Perform the Performance belirtilen mentioned in the article. In spite of these findings, the fact that the TCA did not file a criminal complaint constitutes the crime of abuse of office for the President and officials of the TCA ”. Özel, “Republican People's Party 236. airport and build-operate-transfer projects. Particularly in recent projects, which have been expressed as public-private cooperation, the ruling party's efforts to look after some companies under its direction at the expense of damaging the public sector are obvious. ”


CHP Deputy Chairman Aykut Erdoğdu, 3. alleged irregularities in the airport. Erdoğdu said: yer 2 is not delivered in time. Yapılarak 90 billion euros, the elevation of the airport and runway locations were changed in contradiction to the tender specifications, causing a total loss of 2.5 billion 4 million euros (590 billion TL), including 32 billion euros, and unfair transfer of this amount to the producer companies. ”


Özel, “DHMI General Directorate of the answers that it is understood that the power, 3. With the opening of the airport to the hourly runway capacity 5 landing, 5 departure is designated as Istanbul Ataturk Airport for passenger functions other than passenger transportation is likely to hire a PPP project. Expressing that this was evaluated in the response sent increases this possibility. It is understood that the government will not give up the implementation of PPP, which imposes a huge burden on the public and especially public hospitals and highways, and will continue to look after its own pro-companies. Kul


The CHP Group on behalf of the Group Vice President Ozgur Ozel on appeal, the SOE Commission, some SOEs between 2011-2016 to discuss the reports today (Tuesday, November 6) to meet. CHP Group Vice President Özgür Özel 2011-2016 years of the SEE reports on the objections to the talks on the 6-7 KIT Commission will be held on November. According to the State Airports Management General Directorate, General Directorate of Tea Enterprises, Ataturk Forest Farm Directorate, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation, the Mass Housing Administration and the Turkish State Railways Administration made to the report of the General Directorate of objections will be discussed.

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