Today in History: 28 November 2005 Hejaz Railway

hicaz rail
hicaz rail

Today in History
28 November 1882 Various layouts have been prepared that could be models for private enterprises to request from the government about the Nafia work in the Empire. The Sultan has approved these projects. These layouts were published in Düstur on the same day between the 'Rail and Bi't-save Channel and Port and construction and Nafia air laws.
28 November 1907 The irrigation concession of the Konya Plain was given to the Anatolian Railway Company. According to this, the water of Bey-city Lake is 200 km. the channel would be transported to the fields with water. Thus, the land of 53.000 hectares would be opened to irrigated agriculture. The project was completed in accordance with the agreement in 1913.
28 November 1939 Politis's decision on the dispute with the Julius Berger group building the Kütahya-Balıkesir railway construction: The remaining payments of the construction will be completed.
28 November 2005 At the invitation of TCDD, Jordan Hicaz Railway General Manager Abdul-Razag and his delegation came to our country within the scope of re-implementation of the Hicaz Railway.
28 November 2010 A fire broke out on Haydarpaşa Train Station and was soon extinguished.

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