XCDUM Officer Staff was given to TCDD

tcdd bunyesi officer staff was given
tcdd bunyesi officer staff was given

22 Civil Servants were given to the TCDD; As a result of the information published in the Official Gazette, it was announced that TCDD had 22 staff members and also some staff members were canceled within the provincial organization.

In the Official Gazette published on November 6, 2019, information was given for new public institutions as well as cancellations of positions for some public institutions. In this context, it was announced that included 22 civil servants of the state railways in Turkey. Besides TCDD civil servant staff, it was given in some staff.


As a result of the information provided in the official newspaper, it was announced that the staff of translators, officers, architects and city planners were given. These cadres are for the central organization and no staff has been given for the provincial organization. The cadres canceled in the provincial organization of TCDD took place.

tcdd bunyesi officer staff was given
tcdd bunyesi officer staff was given


In addition to the new cadres, the information that some cadres were canceled for the TCDD provincial organization was also published in the official newspaper. Şeftren, information officer, box office officer, traction inspection officer, head nurse and laboratory staff have also been canceled.ilan365)

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