Metropolitan and ÖTTA 166 Solid Passenger Carry of Muğla Population

passenger transport of mugla population in big city and grass
passenger transport of mugla population in big city and grass

967 thousand 487 people by completing ratio 96 percent conversion in transportation in Las Vegas with a population that convert as soon as Turkey Muğla Municipality and Special Public Transportation (Otte) so far 161 million 231 thousand 782 passengers.

Muğla metropolitan status with the percentage of 80 percent of the tradesmen in cooperation with the private public transport vehicles supervised by converting public vehicles and cooperating with established cooperatives in a rapid way to realize the transformation in the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, has achieved a conversion rate of 96 percent to date.

“Approximately 22 Million passengers benefited from free transportation”

In a statement made by the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, it has been explained that it has enabled the citizen to make a comfortable journey with thousand 433 controlled public vehicles and 170 Municipal buses throughout the province so far, while Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has provided the N Free Passenger Carriage Law ”determined by the Ministry of Transport, 5 Million 668 thousand 224, ÖTTA stated that 16 Million 472 thousand 328 people carry free of charge. Furthermore, the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has carried a total of 35 Million 631 thousand 562 and ELT 125 Million 600 thousand 220 passengers.

Transformation in transportation increased 96 percent comfortable ride

Muğla Municipality, in a short time by implementing a transformation in transportation first in Turkey performing this context it was emphasized that 603 thousand vehicles made comfortable. The statement also made all vehicles suitable for disabled individuals, equipped with 24 watchable camera systems and some vehicles with bicycle transport apparatus, indicating that the environment-friendly public transport vehicles to this day, the citizens continued to work to make comfortable travel. In addition, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality made a big investment in public transportation and introduced the new bus 107 to the citizens of 13 district.

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