Captain's Junction Bridge Becomes Colorful

yuzbasilar intersection was colorful
yuzbasilar intersection was colorful

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality does not neglect to beautify these areas with landscaping after completing projects such as roads, overpasses and intersections. The Park Garden and Green Areas Department visually enriches the completed projects by making green spaces and colored chips. In this context, colorful chips were laid under the bridge at the Gölcük Centurion Junction. With the chip work, the Captain's Crossroad became even more beautiful.


20 million 457 thousand Gölcük cost of one hundred thousand Captains Junction, in May of this year was presented to the service of citizens. After the opening of the intersection, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work around the environment. Within this scope, many color chips were laid on 2 thousand 800 square meters area under the junction bridge.


Park Garden and Green Areas Department teams in line with the work, laid the floor cover on the area where the chip will be made. After spreading the cover, teams revealed the shape of the chip with plastic brackets. Then many different colored chips were laid on the surface. With the study, Captain's Junction became colorful.


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