Yenikent Yazidere Road Is Becoming A Concrete Road

yenikent yazidere way is becoming a concrete road
yenikent yazidere way is becoming a concrete road

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's tested in various cities and continues unabated successful path taken concrete work. Recently completed Cevizli-Bardakçı-Hankaraağaç-Gökçekuyu neighborhood covering the 30 kilometer concrete road and now between the Seyitgazi district and Ankara highway between Yenikent-Yazidere neighborhood road works began.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on concrete road which is both economical and last longer than asphalt road. Inönü, Seyitgazi and Tepebaşı districts after the work completed Ankara road-connected Kalkanlı-Aksaklı-Yenikent-Büyükdere-Yazidere and Seyitgazi district center between the main arterial road, concrete road expansion work began. Starting to increase the standards of the road teams, the width of the road from 6 meters to 8 meters after the concrete road works will begin.

Mayor of Seyitgazi Uğur Tepe, who gave information about the studies, said: uz As promised to our citizens in Seyitgaz, we continue our work in harmony with our Metropolitan Municipality. 30 kilometers Cevizli-Bardakçı-Han road after the concrete road now now between Yazdere-Yenikent-Aksakli-Buyukdere Metropolitan Municipality began to work. I would like to thank all our teams with our Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen and our Secretary General Ayşe Ünlüce who gave great importance to the works on this subject ”.

5 road connects the big neighborhood and the main road to the district center of Ankara due to the traffic load is heavy due to the Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the study area is given transportation service, drivers warned to comply with traffic signs and pointers.

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