X-Ray Era Started in Ankara Metro

x ray period in ankara subway
x ray period in ankara subway

Metro stations at the entrances of more than two years waiting for dormant state of the x-ray devices and metal door detectors yesterday, began to work partially.

According to the news of Sedat CENİKLİ from Hürrüyet; “2017 x-ray devices and 130 metal door detectors were installed at the metro station entrances by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in August 400, in order to search for top and bags for passengers within the scope of security measures. However, the devices were not operated and their top searches continued to be made by security guards with handheld detectors, as in previous years. In this process, the inactive state of the devices at the station entrances caused a reaction of the citizens.

At the end of the 26 month, the devices at the Red Crescent 15 National Will station were activated yesterday and started to be implemented. Citizens who will use the metro for transportation passed through door detectors. Security officials also helped citizens, suitcases and bags were passed to the station through x-ray devices. Security officials, devices in other stations will be reported to run as soon as possible, he said.

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