Work to Relieve Traffic in Eskişehir

work to relieve traffic in Eskisehir
work to relieve traffic in Eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Cumhuriyet Boulevard in order to reduce the intensity of traffic experienced during peak hours in accordance with the zoning plan in the neighborhood of Hicri Sezen Boulevard is conducting intensive work to open the car traffic. In this context, the teams of the Directorate of Road Construction Maintenance and Repair came to an end at the intersection construction work between Vatan Street-Cumhuriyet Boulevard-Hijri Sezen Boulevard.

The traffic density in Cumhuriyet Boulevard ends after the expropriation process carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality. The intersection of the intersection with the completion of the intersection of Atatürk High School is aimed to decrease the density of the intersection. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to open the expropriated area just above the new intersection, stated that the Hijri Sezen Boulevard was planned as double departure and double arrival with the width of 25 meters.

Authorities, Hicri Sezen Boulevard with the opening of the vehicle traffic from the Vatan Street vehicles coming from the junction in front of Ataturk High School will easily move towards the direction of Cumhuriyet Boulevard, also said Maide Bolel Nursing Home Street and Sarper Street will eliminate the intensity of the return.

After the completion of infrastructure works Hijri Sezen Boulevard and the newly built junction of the Park Gardens Department by the landscaping work, the Department of Transportation will be made by the Department of Transportation and the region will be opened to vehicle traffic.

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