We Could Still Be Getting On The Train From Haydarpaşa

we could still be getting on the train
we could still be getting on the train

Seven years and four platforms serving for years, Eastern Express, Capital Express, Fatih Express, Kurtalan Express, such as all the familiar trains have left for many years from Haydarpasa Station. These conventional railways could be preserved, and Anatolia's connection with the railway could not be severed.

Immediately after the elections held by Ekrem İmamoğlu for the second time, I said, “From now on, we will follow the struggle of the single man state and its apparatuses against the local one”. It happens.

In the tender opened for unused spaces and warehouses of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations, İBB affiliates were not invited to the second bargaining phase although the tender was two-stage. In the first stage, 300 offers thousands of pounds Hezarfen Consulting Ltd. Sti. 350 took the job for a thousand liras (What a bargain! That's the bargain I know, the number drops). Of course, the owner of the company's former IMM Hüseyin Avni Önder briefly served as the General Manager of the Okçular Foundation and the proximity to the Minister of Transport should also underline.

Imamoglu will not leave the job and will use all legal means, he said. Make it really easy for him. Even in this country, even a simple tender without question, can not be done properly.


Consider the location of Haydarpaşa Train Station. It is at the starting point of the southern entrance of the Bosphorus and at the northern end of Kadıköy. The visibility is spectacular. The silhouette he sees up to the Marmara Sea, the Historical Peninsula and Karaköy is spectacular. Considering that the dilapidated Yeldeğirmeni region has expanded to that side and transformed with art centers and cafes, it may even be the trigger of the area to be equipped with luxury houses and workplaces.

First, it was said that the station will not be used for two years on the grounds of the high-speed train (YHT) line and will be restored during this period. A random, temporary station was built in Pendik. Later, the line was extended to Söğütlüçeşme. Gar is still waiting for a function. However, all of the familiar trains that served for years with seven roads and four platforms, such as the Eastern Express, the Capital Express, the Fatih Express, the Kurtalan Express, have all lifted from here for many years. These conventional railways could be preserved, and Anatolia's connection with the railway could not be severed.

After a while, it was said that the station would be a hotel on this valuable land, a marina where cruise ships could dock, and skyscrapers, workplaces and residences would be erected in empty spaces; social opposition prevented this. Unfortunately, I have to say “for now..

The restoration of the station has not been completed and it has not been reopened as a station all this time. Instead, we hear that the disarmed empty spaces will be opened to the public as an activity area. Although it may seem more appropriate to transfer the right of use of the land of a public organization (TCDD) to another public institution (IMM) instead of a dubious company, this tender is a blow to Haydarpaşa Train Station, its history and what it means for this country.

Haven't we ever lived before?

Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) before the earthquake-resistant Baroque-style cultural center was not destroyed because it was told. He was evacuated and said to be re-empowered and his projects were prepared. Finally, the political conjuncture changed, given to the son of Hayati Tabanlıoğlu, the architect of the building, a few modern images were served and the building collapsed. Now nobody knows what's going to happen.

When I get off the Kadıköy ferry in Beşiktaş, every time I see the old tobacco depot converted into a plentiful star hotel, I feel inside. I feel like I have been stolen from my hand.

What about the BRT? “It is said to be done temporarily and urgently. Today it has become a hell that has broken human dignity, where people are stacked and transported and stuck in narrow platforms and overpasses. The fate of the buses, which were taken with pride in the Netherlands but did not work on the curved roads of Istanbul, is unclear.

One last pain, the current state of Narmanlı Han can now be called the old Narmanlı Han?


The map below shows the railway network taken over from the Ottomans and connected to each other up to the 1950. The aim was to create an internal market with an integrated railway network and to open up to the world market thanks to the ports. Haydarpaşa Railway Station is the station where every point of Anatolia reaches to Istanbul, or if you think of it from the other side, Istanbul is the station where it spreads to every point of Anatolia.

This policy was left bereft of oil and energy in Turkey 1950, symbols of modernization of highways, roads doubles, each side of the car engulfed the country. Today, we continue to implement policies that put 70 years ago, the country's energy bottleneck.

The map above (apologizing, I could not find the source) is compared to the current situation of Turkey with the European railway network. Each city has 19-century or contemporary train stations. Each station is the entrance gate of the city. Even if they were old, they were not called “dysfunctional“ but integrated into the new railway network.


Although the AKP Construction Empire seems to have done a lot in the last 18 years in the name of transportation, such as double roads, YHT, Marmaray, metrobus and metro, these could not be connected with each other. I don't deny the conveniences they bring, but the stairs, connecting buses, strange narrow tunnels that climb from one to the other do not mean modernization. Just as bad makeup renewals are not restoration.

It's all a matter of priority. If we wanted to take the transportation system of Istanbul with different criteria, we could have traveled humanely and we could still use Haydarpaşa Train Station as a station.

I hope this double wrong can be returned.


A graduate of Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Hakkı Yırtıcı completed his master's and doctoral studies at the same university. His book, Spatial Organization of Contemporary Capitalism, was published by Bilgi University Press in 2005. She focuses on power, space, language and psychoanalysis. Reproduction of power and space, modernization and daily life practices, cinema and space analysis and history of urban modernization.

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