The pride of Turkey Bozankaya

the pride of Turkey bozankaya
the pride of Turkey bozankaya

Bozankaya will introduce its own subway vehicles, which started production in 2018, in the second half of 2010. The officials meeting with companies in Europe for metro vehicles are working on different systems.

Bozankaya and Siemens Bankok supplied 22 vehicles for its subway. In addition, the company has provided 105 vehicles for the second stage, and the metro vehicles of the company, Bankok metro, have been operating for about 2 years.

Romania Timisoara Project 80 Million Euro

Bozankaya One of the successful Turkish companies producing vehicles for the European railway market. Signing contract worth 33 million EUR in Timisoara, Romania Bozankaya will supply 16 sets of tools for this project at the first stage. In addition, the contract can be increased by 50 million Euros, adding 24 more sets of vehicles, reaching 80 million Euros in total.

In addition, Konya has the battery feeding system required for the cathedeless line used in the tram project. In other words, the vehicles to be supplied will be able to go at 60 km / h with the battery without getting electricity from the vehicle.

Bozankaya About us

The company produces trams, trams and electric buses in its factory of approximately 50 million Euros in 100.000 m2 factory in Ankara. So far, approximately 4000 public transport vehicles have been produced in this factory. The company has a production capacity of 288 railway vehicles per year. The first tram car was produced in 2014 for the Kayseri tram project. Low-based tram vehicles were delivered within 36 months and achieved a great success.


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