Water Interruption in Kepez and Aksu Due to Tram Works

Water Outage in Kepez and Aksu
Water Outage in Kepez and Aksu

As part of the infrastructure work carried out by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ASAT General Directorate on the tram line on the Varsak Bridge, 2 will not be able to supply water to some quarters in Kepez and Aksu districts on Wednesday, October 07.00-21.00 hours.

According to the statement made by ASAT, Kepez District Varsak Bridge on the tram line within the scope of the infrastructure work on the main line of drinking water 630 mm HDPE pipe will be carried out to displace the work. During the displacement process, there will be water interruptions between 07.00 - 21.00 hours in some of the neighborhoods where the line serves. If the study is finished early, water will be given without waiting for the expiration of the period.

The neighborhoods that will be affected by water shortages are the East of Süleyman Demirel Boulevard in Kepez Varsak, Ayanoğlu, Karşıyaka, Waterfall, Demirel, Esentepe, Menderes, Altıayak, Zeytinlik, Veterans, Habibler, Gazi, Sutculer with Aksu, Ataturk, Fettahli, Çamköy and Topallı neighborhood as part of the neighborhood was announced.


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