'Train Passing Through: Haydarpaşa' Photography Exhibition

Gar Haydarpaşa Photography Exhibition, Through No Train
Gar Haydarpaşa Photography Exhibition, Through No Train

Hatice Ezgi Özçelik's photo exhibition entitled “Train is not a Train: Haydarpaşa” between 26 October and 1 November Kadıköy Municipality is waiting for its visitors at Barış Manço Cultural Center.

KadıköyHatice Ezgi Özçelik, who photographed Haydarpaşa Station, which is the cultural heritage of Istanbul, has a three-year period since the station was closed to train travels. The exhibition, which consists of 20 photos, includes photos of the Haydarpaşa Railway Station building as well as other structures that are part of the industrial heritage.

Tren Train Passing Through: Haydarpaşa ”name stemming from a dialogue with a citizen Özçelik,“ Haydarpaşa'yı approaching one of my side, 'Why are you pulling the train through the station is no longer here' he said. I was very impressed by this statement and the name of the exhibition comes from here buradan. Stating that the exhibition is the first stage of the project, Özçelik said that the station will continue to document after returning to its original function. Sergi18 April 2020 will also be exhibited at IFSAK Gallery in Beyoglu.

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