Strict Inspection of Service Vehicles and Taxis in Balikesir

tight inspection of service vehicles and taxis
tight inspection of service vehicles and taxis

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality teams; school shuttle vehicles and commercial taxis. Vehicle owners with deficiencies, vehicles have been warned about making the legislation.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department of the Directorate of Transportation Supervision Branch Directorate teams are carrying out routine inspection and control activities. Teams that make frequent inspections throughout the province; school shuttle vehicles and commercial taxis. The municipal teams will be able to use the transportation services safely during the transportation of the students and the service vehicle operators to operate in accordance with the legislation.


The teams who practice the safe transportation of the citizens who use commercial taxis as well as the practices to prevent piracy; It also applied control to the vehicles operating commercial taxi operation throughout the province. the taxi; They gave warnings about their front doors with their stop names and their plates on their ceilings.

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