Bridges on Porsuk Stream are Painting

the bridges on the badger tea are painted
the bridges on the badger tea are painted

The bridges over the Porsuk Stream, which adds beauty to Eskişehir's beauty, continue the maintenance and repair work of the Metropolitan Municipality. The maintenance of the bridges, one of the symbols of Eskişehir, started last year and continues this year.

The teams of the Department of Parks and Gardens are continuing the repair work on the bridges on the Porsuk Stream, which has become the symbols of Eskişehir. Between the Yunus Emre Street and Hasan Polatkan Street, the Tabakhane Bridge closes the curtains where the images of Eskişehir views are removed, and the damage is caused by intensive work. The teams performing the maintenance of the parts that are deteriorated by the sandblasting technique provide a modern appearance of the bridges with the repainting process after the repair.

Günceleme: 18/10/2019 11:59

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