TCDD'den 'High Speed ​​Train Traffic Slaughterhouse Officer is entrusted!' News Description

tcddden fast train traffic slaughterhouse duty
tcddden fast train traffic slaughterhouse duty

SözcüAli Ekber Erturk, according to the news, the former staff of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality graduate Abdullah Özcanlı faculty of theology, was transferred to TCDD, then was appointed Head of Traffic and Stations Department.

After graduating from Marmara University Theology Faculty in 1996, Abdullah Özcanlı started to work as a slaughterhouse officer in the municipality. Born in 1971, Özcanlı later worked in one of the municipal companies BELBİM, METRO İstanbul.

He then worked with TCDD Foundation and Raytest, Sarco, Raysimaş. 1 August Özcanlı was appointed as a public servant to TCDD Support Services in 2019 and 6 was appointed as branch manager the day after. Özcanlı became the Head of Traffic and Stations Department in 19 September.


A statement was made from TCDD and the following statements were made:

There has been a need to provide information on the issue on the publication of unrealistic information about perception of Abdullah ÖZCANLI through some media and social media.

Who is Abdullah Özcanlı?

Abdullah ÖZCANLI started to work in Sales and Marketing Department in 1996 in İSMER AŞ, which is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the year 1997, he started to work at Metro İstanbul AŞ, Directorate of Operations, which is the unit that regulates metro stations and metro and tram traffic. In this directorate, respectively; During the year, 2008 served as Operations Manager, responsible for the station and train traffic of all metro lines in Istanbul, from 2015 to 8. In other words, during the year, 18 served as a MANAGER in the field of rail transport in Istanbul, one of the world's largest metropolises.

Between the years 2016-2017, IETT operated the efficiency of the BRT line and achieved 20 capacity increase by%. The relevant records are available at the General Directorate of IETT.

Abdullah ÖZCANLI, who has always signed appreciation and success stories throughout his professional life, has made 505 vehicles with 424 vehicles as a result of the planning studies carried out in Metrobüs Operation system, thus 81 vehicle has been re-expedited and thus, 21 capacity increase has been realized in the morning and evening peak hours. The project received the International Stevie Silver Award from the Company of the Year-Transportation (2017). In addition, with the efficiency study carried out by Hacıosman Bus Lines operated by İETT; 17 has saved buses, in other words, 50 vehicles have been saved by providing 33 vehicles with 17 vehicles.

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  1. I can say that Abdullah Bey is someone who knows the task of the subway in Istanbul; TCDD has also dealt with neglected issues for years and is trying to accomplish important tasks. So this has bothered someone that they were attacked. He did not demand that duty himself, he was brought there to correct something, to overcome the cumbersome in the institution. he is diligent and dedicated. I hope it will succeed.