Request for Complementary Health Insurance for TCDD and DHMİ Personnel

Request supplementary health insurance for tcdd and dhmi personnel
Request supplementary health insurance for tcdd and dhmi personnel

Transport Officer-Sen, DHMİ and TCDD General Directorates by writing a letter to the staff made requests.

Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Caliskan said in a statement; “Although it can be understood or negotiated on the collective bargaining table, it cannot be signed in the service branch of the Public Employer Committee and refused by the Arbitration Committee. we want the ones to be solved by the Authority again and turned into gains for the employees ”.

Transportation Memur-Sen's requests from DHMİ in the related article;

Da During the meetings held during the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the following items are included in the articles (B) and (C) of the Ministry of Labor; Although DHMİ personnel were provided with Complementary Health Insurance, employment of Protection and Security Personnel after the age of 46, and the provisions regarding the payment of clothing aid in cash, these gains were taken back in the process of the arbitral tribunal.

In line with the process explained above; If the Complementary Health Insurance is provided to the personnel of your organization under the authority of the Board of Directors, it will be possible to increase the social rights (provided that the cost is fully covered by EUROCONTROL).

It would also be beneficial for the Institution to have a permanent solution for employing the personnel who served as Protection and Security Officer, which we have mentioned many times during the GCC Meetings we held with your Institution, after the age of 46.

Another important issue; The aim is to prevent unnecessary waste for years, to avoid high tender costs and to ensure that the personnel can work with better quality clothes. 5. General Terms section of the Term Collective Agreement, 24. It is considered that this aid can be made in cash.

Another important issue is the sporting goods of RFF employees. All RFF personnel working at the airports are obliged to do sports to maintain and improve their physical capabilities during their term of office. In addition, the RFF personnel should have Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness, so that in accordance with the DHMİ General Directorate Aircraft Accident, Crimean and Fire Fighting Directive, sports fields and fitness halls have been established in Airports Rescue and Fire Stations.

For this reason, it is important for the personnel working in the RFF to purchase sweat suits and sports shoes to be used by the General Directorate in Sports and Fitness hours.

Also; Instead of plastic mobos on guard at VOR / NDB / SYS stations, building concrete / brick buildings to meet the security, shelter, food, toilet / washroom and clothes change needs of the on-duty personnel will eliminate significant personnel grievances.

There are currently plastic 1-2 square meters of plastic mobos that meet only the housing needs. These mobos, which are extremely bad and unusable both in terms of health and safety, should be removed from use in accordance with the vision of our Institution and concrete / brick buildings should be constructed.

As the solution of the above mentioned problems will be beneficial in terms of eliminating the grievances of the personnel and increasing the motivation of the employees, we respectfully present the necessary actions. ”

Transportation Memur-Sen's requests from TCDD in the related article;

Toplu As it is known, in accordance with the Law on Trade Unions numbered 4688, the Collective Agreement is concluded by the Commission formed by the Authorized Trade Union and the Public Employer Delegation. 2020 / 2021 will cover the years 5. The arbitral tribunal rejected the request to provide Complementary Health Insurance to TCDD personnel who were interviewed and agreed in principle during the meetings on the period collective bargaining requests.

Although the process continues as an Authorized Union and agreed in principle at the Collective Bargaining table, it is one of our Collective Agreement Requests that do not turn into gains but which we think can be solved under the authority of your Board of Directors; The provision of Complementary Health Insurance to the personnel of the organization is important considering that the majority of the employees of the Institution actively work in the field.

TCDD staff will be complementary health insurance to lower the costs of enterprise agreement or Turkey would be held in private health institutions in general are considered.

We respectfully present the necessity for the solution of these agreements and applications which will increase the personnel satisfaction and motivation. ”

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