Improvement of Landslide Between Durak-Bucak Stations Tender Result


Durak-bucak Ist Between Km 321 + 000-321 + 150 Between Landscaping Reclamation Work Construction Work Tender Result

Turkish State Railways Administration TCDD Adana 6th Regional Directorate (TCDD) The limit value of 2019/432121 KIK number is 2.058.703,00 TL and the approximate cost is 3.170.890,00 TL Between Stop-Bucak Ist Between Km 321+000-321+150 60 companies submitted bids for the Rehabilitation Work Construction Work of the Landslide and NUH MERT with a bid of 2.062.569,00 TL, according to the undetermined result. kazanis gone. 19 firm participating in the tender submitted a bid below the limit value.

The tender covers 1296 METER Ø 120 cm diameter piling in situ. The duration of the work is 120 (one hundred twenty) calendar days from the delivery of the place.

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