Eskişehir Signature for Belarus Metro

signature of belarus subway
signature of belarus subway

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Chairman Celalettin Kesikbaş, Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, ESO Board Members and Eskişehir industrialists held a series of contacts in the Republic of Belarus (Belarus). Minks and capital city of Grodno, the city of Eskişehir delegation to the various agreements signed here, while the bilateral business negotiations between the companies (B2B) held.

Celalettin Kesikbaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESO, who gave information about the visits and talked about their aims, said, dik We have conducted important meetings in order to create more employment, jobs and vaccines in the development of the industry of our city. We had contacts with the manufacturers and exporters in our city in order to ensure that the exportation to Russia and the former Russian Republics will be carried out quickly and without duty. In the free zone located in Belarus, we also examined production opportunities, incentives, supports, logistics, taxation, accounting and commercial issues in order to investigate production opportunities for the entire Russian geography and to inform our industrialists. B2B interviews. ”

Eskişehir signature at Metro

The President of ESO Kesikbaş informed that the protocols that would increase the cooperation between ESO and Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry were signed in the busy program and said, ık We have signed a protocol between our chambers where we will do important works. In addition, our Eskisehir company Albayrak Machinery, Minks Municipality will do serious work in the Metro. We attended the signing ceremony for this purpose. This is an important step that demonstrates that our city has the ability to do business everywhere. Belarus will be the signature of our city on the Metro, ”he said.

Kesikbaş also gave information about the meetings,, Belarusian Embassy, ​​the Ministry of Industry of Belarus, Belarus Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Minsk Municipality, Grodno Municipality and Grodno Belarus Free Zone managers came together to evaluate how we can do more business between Eskisehir and Belarus. In the meantime, our companies also held bilateral business meetings, ”he said.

Visits to destination countries

Kesikbaş pointed out that their visit to Belarus was very productive and opened the door for new business associations. ESO informed that each month, ESO will continue to travel to the destination countries with the leading and industrialists of the city. Kesikbaş said, “We will soon invite our sectoral clusters and members to such trips. In this way, our city's industrial and commercial cooperation is among our goals to increase worldwide. In addition, our President Mr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen did not leave us alone during our visits to Belarus and he was with us during our contacts. Therefore, we would like to thank our president for his contributions. ”
ESO business trip made by ESO President Celalettin Kesikbas and Mayor Yilmaz Buyukerşen, except for managers, industrialists and business people Süha Ozbay, Sinan Ozecoglu, Fatih Dus, Gurhan Albayrak, Omer Benli, Bora Mehmet Osmali, Trust Erdogan, Serdar U. Yalcin, H Evren Sahin, Bulent Quince, Polat Sonmez and Mehmet Rallas attended.

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