Rail System Suggestions for Sakarya from Academician from SAU

saulu academy for sakarya rail system suggestions
saulu academy for sakarya rail system suggestions

SAU faculty member. Dr. Hakan Güler stated that Sakarya has great potential for rail systems and said “Trolleybus, metrobus, metro, light rail, tram train and tram can be easily integrated into transportation”

Sakarya University Civil Engineering Department academician Prof. Dr. Hakan Güler gave information about the light rail system. Prof. dr. Güler, in his assessment; He stated that our city has a great potential in terms of vehicle density, settlement, population and geography. According to TURKSTAT data of the city 2018 1 million 10 thousand 700 thousand GULER indicating that the province, 90 of our province also hosts more than a thousand university students, he said.


According to Sakarya's 2019 year data, 286,817 vehicles are located and 2.2 percent of annual population growth. Güler said that agriculture and industry were leading the economy of our province and that the leading factories of our country were in our province. Laughs; X There are approximately 40 km TCDD lines within the boundaries of our city. TCDD lines pass through Sapanca, Arifiye in the west and Geyve and Pamukova in the north. TCDD High Speed ​​Trains currently stop at Arifiye. However, in the near future they will only stop in Sapanca district ”.


When the population, vehicle density, settlement and geography of Sakarya are taken into consideration, Güler stated that Sakarya has a great potential for Rail Systems and added: lı Rail systems in our province; settlement, education and work areas can be considered as intense between regions, TCDD lines crossing the Sapanca, Arifiye, Geyve and Pamukova districts can be made by rail system projects. A cooperation between TCDD and Metropolitan Municipality can be made for the use of TCDD lines ”.


Güler also listed the systems that can be preferred for a comfortable and comfortable transportation in our province. He added that Bus, Trolleybus, Metrobus, Metro, Light Rail System (HRS), Tram-Train and tram can be easily integrated to transportation when the geographical, vehicle density and other factors of our province are taken into consideration. Güler said, toplu The public transportation systems listed above are suitable for Sakarya. One or more of these systems can be considered for Sakarya by considering the travel potentials in the regions where there are residential, industrial and university campuses. ”


Güler explained his views on the routes for the rail systems that could be implemented within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality. From permanent residences, between the Center and SAU, HRS can be applied as well as bus services. On the other hand, Tram-Train system can be preferred between Adapazarı, Arifiye, Sapanca and Kocaeli. Tram-Train systems can be extended to Düzce and can be used to provide transportation between Arifiye Center and Karasu. ”


Güler also evaluated the cancellation of ADARAY flights and said, esi The cancellation of ADARAY has damaged Sakarya's experience in rail systems. The ADARAY experience could have made significant contributions to the rail system projects that the Metropolitan Municipality was considering. High Speed ​​trains operated by TCDD will stop in Sapanca district which will not stop in Arifiye district in the near future. Our city, which is a university and industrial city, will be difficult to reach to Ankara, Konya and Istanbul by using High Speed ​​Trains and even to Anatolia and Europe with the expansion of YHT lines. For this reason, the Metropolitan Municipality should make preparations for the transportation of Sakarya passengers to YHT stations with their own HRS system. ”


Main lines are vehicles that can operate in the railway electrical system, as well as in the electrical system of trams or subways. These vehicles provide transportation of passengers up to the station by using the main line railway where the mainline railway stations are far from the settlement centers. Transfer of passengers between the two settlements by using the main railway system, thus saving the cost of building an additional tramway. Providing more efficient use of main line railways which are rarely used or whose usage rate decreases at certain hours. It contributes to the transport of transit passengers from one settlement center to another without the need to transfer suburban rail-city rail over short distances. Contact İbrahim Şener directly Sakarya Yenihaber)

saulu academy for sakarya rail system suggestions
saulu academy for sakarya rail system suggestions


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