Additional 20 Million TL Capital Increase to SAMULAŞ Passed by Commission

samulasa additional million TL capital increase from the commission
samulasa additional million TL capital increase from the commission

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Commission Meeting Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş. (SAMULAŞ) 20 million TL additional capital demand proposal was accepted by majority vote and transferred to parliament.

The Metropolitan Municipality Commission Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Nihat Soğuk, the deputy chairman of the Assembly. The items transferred from the parliament to the commissions were discussed by the commission members. The first article of the Assembly, “Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 2020-2024 Year Strategic Plan Proposal alan Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ilhan Bayram, made a long presentation about the strategic plan, Samsun will work to reach the desired level, he said.

Additional 20 million TL capital comes to SAMULAŞ

The commission 2. The agenda item was teklif The proposal to increase SAMULAŞ's current capital from 50 million TL to 20 million TL with an additional 70 million TL ”. In the article, where more than 1 was spoken, all groups spoke and expressed their opinions.

Enver Sedat Tamgacı, General Manager of SAMULAŞ stated that they want to increase capital, “We currently carry 53 thousand passengers per day on trams. With the opening of schools on weekdays, this number increased to 75. 1 million 620 per month means that a thousand people moved. 45 percent of these passengers are full tickets, 30 percent discount, 6,5 percent extra discount we make to corporations, 15 percent of the passengers we carry legally free, 3 percent of our passengers are carrying ultralite magnetic card. Approximately every month, the tram has an electricity cost of 750 thousand TL. We have 3 TL electricity consumption per km. Our monthly income is 3 million TL and our expense is 3 million 800 thousand TL. For the bus, we carry around 25 thousand passengers per day. 10 percent of this is free, 15 percent discount passengers. We carry 750 thousand passengers per month. Every month we have 1 million 200 thousand TL fuel expenses. This corresponds to 3 TL per km. Overhead expenses such as personnel and spare parts come on top of them. The monthly income from buses is 1 million 150 thousand TL and the monthly expense is approximately 1 million 770 thousand TL. That said, about 600 thousand are being damaged every month.

“Annual income is 31 million and expense is 33,5 million”

Tamgacı also gave information about SAMULAŞ's previous year debts and prospective economic situation. “In 2017, tram revenue is approximately 31 million TL. The annual expense is more than TL 33,5 million. At 2017, only 3 million TL was damaged by the tram. The reasons for this include the fact that no increase has been made since 2016, and there is a rise in electricity and fuel. For the ring and express buses, approximately 3,5 million TL was damaged. 750 thousand TL was lost from Tramvay Newspaper. In 2018, 2017 had a loss increase of nearly TL million compared to 6. In 2018, Tramvay Gazetesi also had an expense of 850 thousand TL. In 2019, we predicted a loss of 30 million TL. In 2017, SAMULAŞ bought 8 trams with its own structure. For this, approximately 50 million credits were withdrawn and payments were made. This also has financial expenses ”.

Referring to the capital increase in transportation companies in other provinces, Tamgacı said: X If you want to make a profit in transportation, there is the issue of 2-3. 1 is made with raise. This is not something that is highly appreciated. Transportation is also one of our main services, such as road and water. In addition, municipalities support transportation. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality increased the capital of 2019 million TL to 240 alone for the year. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality 38,5 million TL, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality 15 million TL, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality 24 million TL have only been reinforced by increasing capital in 2019. We will continue in certain periods after that. In order to complete the 2019 year in a healthy way, we have demanded capital increase this year, perhaps for the first quarter of 2020. We present it to your appreciation. ”

After Tamgacı's speech, the group chairmen of all parties expressed their views and concerns. Later, the proposal was accepted by majority vote and transferred to the parliament again.

If the said article is approved in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, SAMULAŞ will be provided with a capital increase of 20 million TL.


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