Samsun is not a priority for railroads, Erzincan-Trabzon is not Sarp

samsun on the railroad is not steep erzincan trabzond
samsun on the railroad is not steep erzincan trabzond

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council Member and the former President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Mustafa Yaylali, Erzincan-Trabzon Railway on behalf of the future wanted to be completed quickly. In November 5 of the first freight train, which will depart from Turkey and China will reach that record Yaylalı now Avrapa using Marmaray, "Trabzon-Erzincan railway must be completed before a moment." He said.

Mustafa Yaylalı, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council Member and Former President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, wanted the Erzincan-Trabzon Railway to be completed quickly in order not to miss the future. set out from China, the first freight train to pass to Europe using Marmaray China Railway Express, November 5, significantly stated that Yaylalı for Trabzon being to reach Turkey, "This opportunity kaçırmayalım. November 5th is a turning point. In the second stage of the Erzincan - Trabzon Railway Project, Trabzon and the Eastern Black Sea should be one heart! The project should be completed as soon as possible. ” said.


Reminded that 4 thousand years trading history of Trabzon Yaylalı Mustafa, said that the starting point of this work is the first freight train to go to Europe reached Turkey on November 5 came from China. China will serve as a bridge between Europe and the future trend in future periods to Turkey from Trabzon and quickly pass to contribute to the city of Erzincan - Trabzon Railway reported that the need to complete the project. Yaylalı wanting to be determined according to this line and trading volume of the cities in Turkey, "Our cities must be planned according to this line and the volume of trade, links with the northern ports of the Black Sea trade through this great line should be established. Arsın Investment Island, which will be a high-tech industrial zone, should be laid on the table by establishing the relationship between the production size and the line we are talking about. For this, all our dynamics should start working immediately, believing in this great vision. We would like to thank everyone who has followed this great project with faith, expressed it where necessary, and contributed to our Erzincan - Trabzon Railway Project request, which we believed in 2010 with a few friends. In the second stage, we need broader believers and urban dynamics. The road is long but our expectation is not impossible. ” he spoke.


Stating that the world trade will pass through Trabzon if the railroad is transported to Trabzon, Mustafa Yaylalı said, “When Marmaray is completed, a train departing from the most eastern China will reach the west of Europe without transfer. This line will be the beginning of important changes in the world trade and transportation network. So much so that; It is known that more than half of the world production in 2050 will be made in countries known as the Asian Five, and more than half of its consumption will occur in Europe, North Africa and North America. The biggest part of these commercial connections will be realized by the railway line we mentioned. With the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Railway Line, which is the biggest and most important investment made by our country abroad, both logistics and Caspian Region production will be carried over this line. The closest point of the line to the Black Sea will be Trabzon Ports via Erzincan. The distance from the line to Erbaş (Erzincan) to Samsun is 843 km. while Erbaş (Erzincan) - Trabzon distance is 230 km. Sivas - Samsun distance is 402 km. As can be clearly understood from here, the Black Sea exit of the line must be Trabzon via Erzincan. ” (Gültekin SADIKOĞLU - Blew)

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